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Do you think that time travelling is possible??

By DeN inc. ·
It just struck my mind. What if we're able to travel to the future rather than the past? I think I would then go 1000 years ahead and start selling the currencies we have today. Haha.. I'll be rich

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I know...

by Frenchwood In reply to that made no sense

That's why i titled my post "Theoretical Bull"



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by jck In reply to I know...

the negative proof of one case does not eliminate possibility of another.

Time travel can still be possible. You just have to figure out how to fold time backward.

Got a pen?

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by Frenchwood In reply to but

A pencil and a couple of hours do?

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by jck In reply to Will...

I got stock in pentel...I need dividends!! j/k

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I had NO idea

by maecuff In reply to Theoretical bull...

that Superman II was a documentary.

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Was it..

by Frenchwood In reply to I had NO idea

Superman II?

Or was it the first one?

I can't remember now...

Either way, it's still theoretical bull!

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But it was seen

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Was it..

And they say seeing is believing so it must be true right?

If it can be imagined it will eventually be technically possible .

Look at what was used in Star Trek the Original Series quite a lot of that stuff has been developed and with the exception of Anti Matter Drives and Teleporters about everything else has been accomplished though so given enough time and enough Greedy people the science will eventually be conceived for a profit.

Col ]:)

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don't forget

by jck In reply to But it was seen

the handheld medical scanner that's only as big as a tube of lipstick.

Funny thing is, something similar to the Star Trek "tricorder" actually exists. It not only takes air samples, but reads radiation levels, light energy levels, etc.

It just doesn't make that cool sound yet :)

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Probably because the makers

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to don't forget

Use an Embedded Windows OS to run it. Now if some Embedded Linux was being used the Geek who had to write it would have thought of that and not only written the code but insisted on having it enabled and not an optional extra.

Of course the Windows version is available with the sound but the license fee is just too great.

Col ]:)

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buzzz.... wrong...

by Jaqui In reply to But it was seen

they have done matter transporters.
just extremely energy intensive.
and for very small objects.. like a grain of sand.

some lab in california has a working model, good for about 200 feet distance.
takes such a huge amount of energy that it's not practicle..yet.

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