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Do you think that time travelling is possible??

By DeN inc. ·
It just struck my mind. What if we're able to travel to the future rather than the past? I think I would then go 1000 years ahead and start selling the currencies we have today. Haha.. I'll be rich

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Well prototypes are hardly

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to buzzz.... wrong...

Mass production are they?

the small hand held commutators that the good Capitan Kirk used to use have actually been improved upon we now call them mobile phones and it is Nokia who is now the biggest maker of cameras now as well with all those cameras in their mobile phones. What would Jim Kirk done to be able to see pictures as well as speak even if anyone else near by being able to hear? :^O

Col ]:)

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by Jaqui In reply to Well prototypes are hardl ...

and they don't see them as going into mass production any time soon.

but they have transported material just like in star trek, so it's not something waiting to be done, it's something waiting to be refined enough for pratical use.

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Well in that case Mate

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Well prototypes are hardl ...

You had better leave TR all alone and get busy writing the source code for this project. :^O

After all if it was running on a Windose product it's guaranteed not to work in a cost effective manner.

Col ]:)

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by Jaqui In reply to Well prototypes are hardl ...

you mean save dumb yankees from thier own stupidity?

if they are that crazy then the deserve to have in never work right, crashing and killing people frequently.

after all, reducing the population of the us can only be good for the rest of the world.

( personally, I think stupidity should be ground for immediate retroactive abortion )
[ a death penalty ]

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Well Jaqui it's like this

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Well prototypes are hardl ...

You allow the US to set the thing up and when it starts killing people and they take it off line work through everything and can not find anything wrong then put it back on line and it starts killing more people.

You come out with an alternative which works so you'll corner the market. Boeing did it back in the Days of the 707 when the British built Comet was failing in flight and look where they are now!

You'll have a ready made gold mine and what's even better when someone comes out with a competing product they will be paying you for the privilege.

Col ]:)

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by TonytheTiger In reply to Do you think that time tr ...

Well, if it were possible, forward would be the only way, as paradoxes are possible with backward. And once you went forward, you would have to stay, since coming back would be backward.

It's kind of like going into a black hole. You might survive, but there would be no way of reporting that fact to anyone outside.

I've had a hypothesis that our universe is the inside of a black hole. The universe isn't expanding... all the rulers are shrinking, except for the one I use to measure my waist :)

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Dodgy TV

by Frenchwood In reply to

I remember; there was a program on some cheesy Sky channel (one of the obscure ones,) about Time travel, and they theorised that you couldn't travel forward in time simply because it hasn't happened yet, and that if you were to travel back in time, you couldn't create a paradox.

Something to do with having the inabilty to interact with the past.

It was a quite bizarre program.

Either way, to be perfectly honest, i don't think i'd want to travel back in time... Forward is good for lottery results, but that's all! lol

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Wasn't Discovery magazine

by beads In reply to Dodgy TV

that just had an article to the effect of six (6) dimensions. No, not the 5th Dimension from the 70s! Stay with me here! Maybe Scientific American.

Anyhow if time travel were to be possible the theory I read earlier in the spring was that you'd have to cross out of our drab three dimensional space and into 4th dimensional space (hyper cube). Where you can see all around you while looking forward. Errr! I'll find it.

- beads

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I have seen

by jck In reply to Wasn't Discovery magazine

shows that say scientists theorize that there are 11 they can mathematically determine.

Of course, it's like a 2D creature trying to perceive 3D. he couldn't...he might imagine it, but not see, feel, etc. because his matter is 2D.

Oh I's about phases...if you can manipulate the phase of matter so that it is unaffected even by the gravity of a black hole, you could travel through it.

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Yes, it is possible

by ITgirli In reply to Do you think that time tr ...

However, we lack the current knowledge to do so. Remember that a little over 500 years ago, the majority of people thought the world was flat. Nothing is impossible, only improbable in the scope of our minds. Quantumly, I believe it will be very possible. Michael Crichton (however you spell it. Jurassic Park dude) wrote a very good book (that was made into a horrible movie that didn't even follow the plot very well) that actually explains it rather well so any idiot could understand. A few months ago I did some research on Quantum Physics and the likelihood of time travel in the future.
Here are some interesting links:

If anyone has already posted these links, I'm sorry, but I don't have time at the moment to go through all the posts on this thread, though I do hope to get to them this weekend.

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