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Do you trust SpySweeper, by webroot?

By jdclyde ·
I am not sure I trust this program.

I have the full package installed. Was at a security expo a few months ago, and they were handing out the full package free.

I have auto update turned off, yet it is still trying to contact home? Zone alarm said something and I said no. There wasn't anything I told it to go out for. X-(

When you select "shutdown" from the spysweeper menu, there are still a few processes running that I "do not have permission to stop".

When I load a program, I want to know what it is doing, and when it is doing it. I talked to the sales guy because I am testing this to see if I want to get it for work and he said he would have a tech call to answer my questions. Two weeks later, still no call.

Sorry, I just don't trust it. Do you?

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yup yup yup

by razzinator In reply to Do you trust SpySweeper, ...

I bought a copy and it messed up so much I uninstalled it. Then a couple months later read a review and decided to give it another try. But it wouldn't accept my activation code. I emailed tech about it and a couple weeks later they sent me an email describing a fix that didn't work.
I finally just trashed the program and try to steer my customers clear of it when I can.

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Do I trust it? yes

by Asbin In reply to Do you trust SpySweeper, ...

Have been using for over a year and have no problems. Works fine, but as other people suggested you may need to combine with other spyware removal progs when things get tough

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SpyBot S&amp

by dirtylaundry In reply to Do I trust it? yes

I have used Webroot's Spysweeper and found:

1- was a resource hog
2- would not shut down all processes when I quit the program
3- aggressive marketing via emails
4- SpyBot S&amp caught things Webroot didn't
5- would not recommend to clients.

Although SpyBot S&amp is free, I do donate yearly to them.

I can't imagine the combination of Norton AV and Webroot on a system's performance.

I tolerate Symantec's Norton AV because they have improved the GUI and I need to become familiar with it as their marketing has been successful in the Home User front so it is a matter of understanding the program well for my clients. Otherwise, I would have gone with McAfee's Enterprise (yes, their home products are not as thorough nor user friendly)

Spybot's home page:

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My Issue was

by charles.thompson In reply to Do you trust SpySweeper, ...

It caused problems with my VPN connection from home. Our Administrator, nor Juniper's people could figure out what was wrong. This went on for a week, then I uninstalled SpySweeper my problem disapeared.

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I trust it completely and recommend it highly!

by Dave 628 In reply to Do you trust SpySweeper, ...

I cannot speak to the enterprise version, but as someone who builds and networks home computers I consider it a valuable part of my defenses and recommend it highly to those people whose computers I work on.

I used to be a loyal Norton SystemWorks customer, until that product became an unbearable, steaming pile of horse manure (talk about a resource hog!) that couldn't perform any of its advertised functions, and could only be uninstalled by formatting the hard drive. I similarly banned McAfee products from my computers after they bought the highly reliable SpamKiller, brought it under their umbrella, and forced you to install a load of unnecessary McAfee resource-eating garbage in the background. Both of these companies have given up on the home user, and are just basically stealing people's money.

I have been using Webroot SpySweeper for three years now on my machines and other home user machines that I am responsible for, without a single complaint from any of the machines or the people using them. The machines I've installed this product on vary from a Dell with a 700 MHz Celeron and 512 MB of RAM to a home-built with a Pentium III at 1 GHz and 768 MB of RAM, to a home-built running an overclocked Pentium 4 with multiple raid set ups for video editing--they all run this product without any of the problems I've seen mentioned here. The only time I see a drag on resources is when the program is performing a full system scan, something it does a very in-depth job of.
For you folks who claim it does not allow you to shut down certain processes, one of the features of this program is that it prevents infection by root kits, one of the shields that it runs in the background. It also flags when new programs are trying to make suspect registry changes; while some might see this as "false positives", the program is in fact doing its job! Regarding "phoning home", the program regularly receives updated spyware lists just as antivirus programs receive new antivirus definitions--it does this whether you want to receive updates to the main program or not.

Researching, and reading (on more than one technical site) that no one single anti-spy ware program catches everything, and liking the fact that it does things in real time that the other programs don't, I consider it part of a multi-pronged defense. Because I was trying different things after abandoning SystemWorks, my three computers have three different set ups. Two computers use Computer Associates eTrust Antivirus (this computer has the enterprise version, the other uses the consumer version), and computer number three uses Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite, which includes the consumer version of eTrust Antivirus. The first two computers also run Zone Alarm Pro. All are additionally sitting behind a router that uses a hardware firewall. The other anti-spy ware products that I use are AdAware Pro (this computer) and AdAware SE (the other two computers), along with Spybot Search and Destroy on all three.
While all these programs mostly remove cookies because the real threats have been blocked, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM gives you a choice about what keys are removed, quarantines the removed cookies by dates, gives you the ability to restore them! (This is for you folks who aren't paying attention to what your programs are doing, or learning the features of the programs so that you can put back things that were accidentally removed). Learn how your programs work, and you won't lose things that are VITAL to your operations!

I want to mention one other thing that was barely mentioned in the previous threads--there are several programs being advertised on the Internet which claim to be anti-spy ware programs, and some people are inadvertently being led down a path because the names of these programs use a "play" on spelling or wording to make their name sound like the name of a real and trusted program that actually does some good. These "sound alike" programs quite often install MORE spyware and pop ups on your machine and give a black eye to the programs that they are pretending to be--make sure you haven't installed one of these before trashing the name of a program that actually does some good.

By the way, since installing the Zone Alarm/Webroot Spysweeper/eTrust Antivirus/AdAware/Spybot Search and Destroy line of defenses, my computers are running much faster, and I'm not experiencing the daily problems/crashes/lockups that I had when I was running Norton SystemWorks. For those of you who still run SystemWorks (or any Symantec security product), I pray for you that it does not randomly unregister itself one day as mine did (and as it has for several thousand other customers--just look at their user forums), causing the only system infection I've ever had--after all the other troubles I had experienced with their products, that was the last straw.

Webroot SpySweeper-- I trust it thoroughly, and highly recommended it!

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Yes I do not trust it

by shuja52 In reply to Do you trust SpySweeper, ...

I too do not trust the softawres, as it itself shown as spy by x-cleaner

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In that case, either x-cleaner is in error, or you've mis-interpreted ...

by deepsand In reply to Yes I do not trust it

the results of its scan(s).

Bear in mind that, when a security product quarantines a threat, as opposed to removing it, it sequesters it into an area controlled by it. As a result, another product may detect the presence of the threat, but not recognize that it has been quarantined, and therefore deem the application that has corraled that threat to itself be a threat!

When multiple products are used for the same purpose, one must take into account such interactions, and interpret the scan results accordingly.

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Not the case

by shuja52 In reply to In that case, either x-cl ...

No this is not the case, but the difference is : While the spybot attck the files /registry infected but sometimes not able to uninstall it complete;ly form the system but the x-cleaner can do. I trust ewido (now avg)against webroot's Spybot

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If I'm understanding you correctly, you are now saying that ...

by deepsand In reply to Not the case

you find Spy Sweepers remedial actions inferior to those of some other products.

Yet, you here state "webroot's Spybot."

As it seems that you are confusing products, you should understand that Spy Sweeper and Spy Bot are different products. More importantly, while Spy Bot Search and Destroy is a legitimate product, there are imitators, using the name Spy Bot which are malevolent.

My above comment above was the WebRoot's Spy Sweeper is not spy-ware. And now, I must also also assert that the same is true of Spy Bot Search and Destroy. Any "security" product that says other wise is, at best, mistaken; at worst, it is in attempt to get you to remove legitimate products so as to ease the path for malware!

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X Cleaner and ewido combination best work

by shuja52 In reply to Do you trust SpySweeper, ...

In my opinioin the Spybot having lot of problem, I use x cleaner and ewido combination, since then our PCs works fine.

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