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Does Anyone Care Anymore??????

By sleepin'dawg ·
This is an excerpt from an article I read quite recently (yesterday) which I couldn't help thinking about overnight. So many of the points being made are valid, all the more so when applied to my own situation both corporate and personal. Lately, for one reason or another, so many of my corporate decisions have been made based on the performance of the globalization of the economy and I have been becoming increasingly aware of the potential for disaster and upheaval in the markets a la September - October 1987. We are overdue for a market correction and when it comes, so many will lose huge sums from their portfolios and IRAs unless they have found some way of positioning themselves to ride out the storm with minimal losses. There will be all sorts of opportunities to acquire investments on the cheap, in the aftermath but one can't be expected to do so if they are struggling to retain some modicum of their asset values. It gives me no pleasure in being a harbinger of doom but its better to be prepared and have a plan in place and not need it than to need some sort of plan and not have it.

From my own personal observations we've been overdue for one of those catastrophic market corrections for some time now and while these things can't be forecast with any degree of absolute accuracy I see it hitting somewhere in or after October of this year but before the same period in 2007. The markets may not correct all together but rather in a cascading effect of sector by sector but the end result could well be anywhere from 2000 to 4000 points net loss to the Dow and the corresponding indices of all the other markets including China's. The current state of the overheated Chinese economy could make them the first to slip but they should be and probably will be the first to recover. The dollar will decline further and nationwide unemployment could rise well into the double digits, approaching 15% and perhaps even 20%. As I said, does anyone care??? Is anyone even aware???

Does anybody in America care that freedom, liberty and privacy are being diluted, diminished and destroyed? Or that government is running up some of the biggest deficits in annual spending, foreign trade and national debt ever recorded? Or that America has become a de facto world empire that may already be in decline?

Kevin Phillips' new book, American Theocracy: The Peril and Politics of Radical Religion, Oil, and Borrowed Money in the 21st Century, puts together an amazing array of historical, religious, economic and political data to argue that the U.S. is about to join its imperial predecessors on the downhill slide - Rome, Spain, the Netherlands and Britain.

Phillips says the alarming signs are everywhere from the desperate attempt to retain oil sources by invading Iraq; to the "theocrats" seizing the Republican Party; to the evolution of the U.S. economy in which the production of valuable, manufactured goods has been replaced by a massive funny-money system of finance and, most ominously, government and private debt.

The scope of this book is massive and his analysis reads like a warning. Phillips sketches a future bankrupted nation by a web of religious, energy and debt that leaves America, the world's remaining superpower, all but helpless before emerging powers such as China, well before 2050.

An examination of empires in world history (Rome, Spain, Holland, and the United Kingdom), shows an identifiable progression from expansion, to dominance, to maturity and to what seems like inevitable decline. In that latter stage, governments and most people rarely see what's coming. Those who do can profit from their foresight.

Phillips traces the imperial journeys of each of these empire nations. He goes back centuries and compares those historic events to the current situation in the United States, the present world imperial power.

Phillips examines many aspects of each nation's imperial progress, politics, economics, religion, industry, finance and war. As he says: "The United States is hardly the first [empire] and we can profit from the examples of what went wrong before." There's a lot of arresting facts and figures in this book, although I don't agree with all of the author's conclusions. But you will come away fascinated with these disturbing past parallels -- and what they may portend for America's future.

It's an eye opener -- and it's not a pretty picture for Uncle Sam and Americans, sad to say.

Phillips notes that two economic predictors of imperial end times are: 1) marked declines in a nation's manufacturing and industrial capacity and; 2) an increase in what he calls "financialization" as all sorts of intangible financial services replace tangible production.

In 1950, 30% of U.S. GDP came from industry and only 10.9 from financial services. In a reversal, 2003 U.S. industrial production amounted to only 12.7% of GDP and financial services had grown to 20.4%. Even more telling, in 2005, 45% of all corporate profits came from financial services and only 7% from manufacturing. And as Phillips shows, a lot of these modern "financial services" consist of little more then creating new forms of debt, then pushing all those debt papers around while collecting fees for doing nothing really productive.

In the declining years of the Spanish, Dutch and British empires, virtually the same patterns developed as we now see in the United States. Similarities with the current dilemma of the U.S. include a huge national debt, major and continued deficit spending, worrisome huge trade imbalances and a decline in the value of the imperial nation's currency.

Sounds familiar, doesn't it? And yet another reason to consider offshore as the place for your financial haven.

Speaking of debt, borrowing and "financialization". There has lately been a lot of activity in the derivatives markets. Massive and/or a collection of minor hiccups there, have preceded all recent market turmoil of the past and with the current levels of activity. they are an accident looking and waiting for a place and chance to happen. Grab ahold of your wallets and purses, we're all going to be in for a rough ride. Some of us will get through better than others but here's to the peers of TR enduring.

Dawg ]:)

P.S. I've read the book, referred to. It is a good read for anyone even though they may have no interest in the markets and don't dabble in investments.

Edited for spelling, punctuation and additional clarity.

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Max admit it. ;-)

by sleepin'dawg In reply to Dial it back a notch. Pla ...

You were tempted to do the same weren't you??? The only difference might have been, that you would probably have been more polite. :^0

However, judging from her reply, it seems to have passed right over her head. She just seems incapable of grasping the idea that she is an annoying pain in the *** and that all her comments are useless inanities. She thinks she is "contributing" and in a sense she is. She's making herself a target for ridicule but is making it almost too easy.

Dawg ]:)

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Geez Big Red, you really are a piece of work; aren't you? You get it, yet?

by sleepin'dawg In reply to Dial it back a notch. Pla ...

From day one you have annoyed me. That's me, nobody else. I put it down to the fact that I've never been overly fond of anyone trying to get or be cutsy with me and I tried to politely brush you off, hoping you would take the hint and if not go away, at least you might be smart enough to leave me the **** alone. But no, you persisted and after your peer message of last evening sometime, you have now succeeded in thoroughly pissing me off.

"Being rejected by ignorant people is fine with me. You don't like nice and I have no love for rude, crude or grossly immature. Name calling, bullying, and the like are things that most people outgrew in gradeschool, sleepin'dawg.I've addressed you and others here with respect as adults."

I'm rude am I??? Damn straight, I am, especially when someone without the sense to realize when they are despised and not wanted keeps insisting on annoying me.

I do object to being called crude because I'm anything but that, except of course, when being unnecessarily provoked by continuous incursions of senseless inanities.

Grossly immature??? How would you define that since not only being older than you, I am aware of when my presence is unwanted and/or undesirable and I always have the common decency and curtesy to take leave of a situation where presence isn't wanted. I would say, don't let the knob hit you in the *** on the way out but that could be construed as being crude and grossly immature now, wouldn't it. So consider it left unsaid but you'll know what I am thinking but then again maybe you won't, seeing as how you've missed all the other polite little indicators which I've left lying around.

I don't like nice??? Sure I do and I like politeness too but I'm very adverse to triteness, stupidity, inane drivel and patronizing condecension from ignorant people. I can't speak for others but at no time have I felt you have addressed me with any respect as an adult. Far from it; all I've perceived from you is meaningless condescending drivel of the most offensive sort that is an insult to anyone of normal or greater intelligence.

"That you cannot relate to that says who you are, not who I am."

Oh, I definitely liked that one. I should hope no one relates me with being a gassy old windbag, spouting meaningless drivel and who can't catch on that she's perceived as nothing but a pest. You're right I can't relate to that but you are totally wrong about the other part because that is precisely what you are.

"Being rejected by ignorant people is fine with me.

Well finally something in which we concur.

In closing I am includung something from a post of yours from some time ago in another thread:

"Those who don't walk what they talk would bless the world by shutting up."

I don't know about elsewhere but around here, I don't see you walking at all but you sure do talk up a storm. However, you should know I perceive you as crawling on your hands and knees, sucking up to anyone for a kind word. Now why don't you just try to be "nice" and crawl on out of here; mind you don't let the knob hit you in the *** and please close the door behind you. Even the lingering odour of you is offensive.

Dawg ]:)

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Since we're off topic ...

by OnTheRopes In reply to Dial it back a notch. Pla ...

How much would you charge to write a letter to my Congressman for me?

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Busted, I assume you were addressing me???

by sleepin'dawg In reply to Dial it back a notch. Pla ...

That's rich. I'm ROTFLMAO.
Well you see, she did annoy me. I didn't set out after her; she came after me. With any luck I've seen the last of her, definitely via peer message anyway. :^0

Dawg ]:)

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I forgot to put a Dawg tag on it

by OnTheRopes In reply to Dial it back a notch. Pla ...

Now that I've had a minute to think about it, how about writing a letter to my ex?

edit to add had

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Busted I was fairly certain you meant me. You do realize that..............

by sleepin'dawg In reply to Dial it back a notch. Pla ...

once you fire off one of my missives, there is seldom any chance of retreat. Now your ex doesn't bother me too much but letters to your senator or congressman could result in you being visited by The Department of Homeland Security and if it's to your president, forget it. Who wants to be visited by both Homeland Security and The Secret Service.

BTW have you ever noticed when they're running about with their shades on and their earpieces, they don't appear to be too secretive. Sort of makes them stand out, somewhat.

Dawg ]:)

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Dawg again

by OnTheRopes In reply to Dial it back a notch. Pla ...

I can picture my house being surrounded by State Troopers so that idea's out. One problem though, I?d have a tough time deciding which of my 3 ex?s should get the letter. Do you have a bulk-rate or maybe you could write a generic letter?

My Uncle is retired from the Secret Service. He?s in his 90?s now and still looks like a Fed even when wearing his pajamas. It?s weird.

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That concludes today's lesson on how to dissect 1AW- oneannoyingwriter.

by sleepin'dawg In reply to Dial it back a notch. Pla ...

What 1AW couldn't grasp is that I didn't care in the least about her and her trite, inane, cloyingly sweet, touchy-feely opinions. I didn.t ask for her comments and opinions nor did I at any time seek her out to ask for them. I tried ignoring her and when that didn't work I tried sarcasm, rather blunt sarcasm at that. Nothing seemed to work but when she invaded my privacy by brining her drivel directly at me in a pm, I felt insulted and took umbrage. Why she felt the need to send me a peer message I'll never know nor do I particularly care but I would bet my last dollar that she wishes she hadn't done so, now. I do not know where she has gone but I hope she stays there and if she ever crosses my path again she can expect more of the same. She wants to persistently annoying??? Fine by me; I can be equally persistent with nasty agressiveness. She needed putting in her place; so that's what I did.

BTW for one who claims to be an amazing writer, she has a very limited vocabulary and a poor sense of sentence structure.

Dawg ]:)

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Awesome diatribe, Dawg

by jardinier In reply to Dial it back a notch. Pla ...

It should be a contender for the Nobel Prize for Literature.

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That is why Dawg

by jdclyde In reply to Dial it back a notch. Pla ...

it is 1UNaw. Because nothing I have seen here was very amazying. Although we had better watch out because now that he has the idea, Julian might try to claim a similar name for himself! :^0

2aw? ;\

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