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Does anyone have any input about SmartCertify?

By pleardini ·
I'm looking to get some training for an MSCE & CNA. I looked at SmartCertify's training packets and they seem to be pretty good, but before I jump into something I would like to get some input from you guys that've been in the business much longer than I have. Does anyone recommend SmartCertify? any other recommendations. I'd appreciate your input. Thank you

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Time or money

by mcomps In reply to Does anyone have any inpu ...

I have seen the ads for SmartCertify and they look good, and good price too.

Ask yourself, are you looking to certify soon to look for prospective jobs, or do you want to actually learn to work with the certifications you are going for? Stuff like SmartCertify can probably train you to pass the exam, but are you going to know the stuff good enough to pass the interview? - thats where the most companies get you.

A cheaper, longer (depending upon your study habits) alternative would to buy used training guides to learn the total ins and outs of the application, and how & when & why to resolve a situation. Get the books from half-price books, libraries, etc.

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Thank you for the input

by pleardini In reply to Time or money

Thanks for the input. I will definitely take that into account. You're right smartcertify will only help me pass the exams. On average, how much time do you think one needs or should spend to prepare/study for an A+, MSCE, & CCNA?

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Smart Certify Sucks

by rkumar28 In reply to Thank you for the input

One thing I don't like about Smart Certify is their Marketing. Its sucks...they are big cheat.Beware of their marketing people.

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certification tests prices

by pleardini In reply to Time or money

btw, any body know the price for the MSCE, CCNA, A+, & Linux+ tests?

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Test costs

by RknRlKid In reply to certification tests price ...

Microsoft Tests = $125.00 per test
CompTIA Tests = $145.00 for A+ (remember its 2 parts)
$225.00 for Security+
$207.00 for Net+, iNet+, Server+ and Linux+

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thank you very much

by pleardini In reply to Test costs

thank you very much for your help!

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by RknRlKid In reply to Does anyone have any inpu ...

I bought the package from SmartCertify for the Windows 2000 MCSE. Their stuff is ok, it starts from the basics and works its way up. To be honest, if you are not going to be disciplined and work on their courses the way they are supposed to be used, you may be spending money for something you don't use. That is what happened with me. Eventually, I got MCSA Windows 2000, but I didn't use half of the course, or the extras that were thrown in. That's not a comment on their courses, just on how life interferes with our plans. I also started the Network+ course (came as part of the package) and was quite impressed. Again, I wasn't able to finish the course before taking the exam.

The courses will teach you alot about the subjects. The Net+ was helpful for the exam, but since I didn't finish the Win2k stuff, it really wasn't, but not because of their fault.

To make a long story short, I thought they made good materials, but if you don't end up using it, you are really wasting your money. That is something else to take into consideration.

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by pleardini In reply to SmartCertify

thank you. That is something I really gotta consider because I'm not that disciplined when it comes to "self-studying." thank you Rkn

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Smart Certify

by lkayne In reply to SmartCertify

Last year when I used Smart Certyfy thats where my computer messed up. I don't know what caused it. Lately they have been offering a free courses.

I do like the fact I am really learning from this class for the computer support and A+. It has virtual computers and u can check your answers. It has helped me learn a lot. I do not know where the credits are accepted. Just so I learn is important. Ask businesses if they recomend Smart Certify.

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SmartCertify not worth it

by raj28 In reply to Does anyone have any inpu ...

My personal opinion don't waste your money on Smart Certify. Smart Certify is not worth the money. Once you get trap and pay thousands their no way you can come out of it. Also, they give us 2 months to cancel the contract. Normally if you fail first time, their is a waiting period of 1 month to try second time. By the time you get ready second time the trial period is over. Also, the material their is OK. Personally I can gain a lot through classroom training rather than online CBTs.

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