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Does anyone here read the articles

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anymore? Or is it just that no one is discussing them? I just actually took a little break and read some and was surprised at how many had not been discussed- both last night and this morning... Even if they are lame it seemed like 10 people would point it out the same day, and if they were good they could hit 20-60 posts in a day.
I haven't seen any real killer articles lately, but I was just curious. What ever happened to the one guy that was always writing security articles?

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Killer articles!

by GuruOfDos In reply to Does anyone here read the ...

Hmmm...I do read them, and try to participate in relevant discussions. Half my time spent on here is weeding out the dross from the 'meat'.

So much focus seems to be on careers and who is in the right or wrong job. Who has the biggest toolbox? What do we listen to on the walkman when we're working. At the other end of the spectrum, a lot of the content on here is aimed at a 'minority audience' Then we get the general chit-chat which I have to admit I do enjoy, but what annoys me is the concept of 'reading the articles'.

I make comments based on the content of the original article and based on my experiences. Other people 'jump in' half way through a discussion, obviously not having read the original article or question and then wadein all guns blazing without considering the context of the discussion. I then find myself having to justify my comments to people who, if they actually READ the article, would see where I was coming from instead of just making assumptions about whatI am saying!!

I am always open to criticism....preferably constructive, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.....take the whole context into consideration, not just one posting which may have a different 'meaning' if treated as 'stand-alone'!

Mike :-)

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