Does anyone know where the Google toolbar spelling servers are?

By Tech_Lady ·
We have Google toolbar installed on a desktop PC and would like a user with limited internet access in a domain to use the toolbar's Spell Checker. The internet traffic is diverted to a "fake" proxy to totally lock down access except for specific sites which are excepted. When the user attempts to check spelling in a web form on a site they have access to, they get "Unable to connect to Google spelling servers. Please check your internet connection and try again." I know it is because the spelling servers are not excepted in the proxy to allow the connection, but I cannot find the address or location of these servers anywhere so that I can add them to the exception list. Does anyone know where the Google spelling servers are?

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by seanferd In reply to Does anyone know where th ...

Although why you are depending on a remote service for spelling check is odd when most browsers and apps support this natively or through the OS or word processor.

To be certain, I would check the proxy logs or use Wireshark to find likely candidates if the domain I am guessing at is not the correct choice.

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Spell check is for a web form

by Tech_Lady In reply to Try

Thanks for replying. I'll try what you said and I appreciate the wireshark suggestion too. I'm confident I'll get it figured out with this info.

These users are very limited and one of the sites they use is for client logging on a web-based application (form). Correct spelling is a priority since some of the terminology is medical and/or deals with behavior and since it is web-based the Google spell check works well and is free. They are required to use IE as their browser. Thanks again. I'll try to remember to post how it works out so others can benefit.

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Ah - a better spelling check, then.

by seanferd In reply to Spell check is for a web ...

I wish it were easier to find out what domains or URLs are required for certain services to function. I've actually spent a decent amount of time trying to figure out some of these in order to whitelist certain sites, but unfortunately, many content providers do not document them at all. Server/firewall/proxy logs seem to be the best bet, followed by the sometimes more labor intensive packet tracing.

Best of luck. I hope this is relatively easy for you to find out.

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Also some Firefox add-ons can help

by robo_dev In reply to Ah - a better spelling ch ...

TamperData or HTTP Watch will show you exactly what's going outbound from the PC to the web server. FireSheep does the same thing.

Besides WireShark, the utility called the EffeTech HTTP sniffer is very useful.

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by seanferd In reply to Also some Firefox add-ons ...

Firebug would be good.

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Hmm. ipconfig can help!

by TobiF In reply to Try

On a system with internet access:
- ipconfig /flushdns (in Vista, you need to run cmd as admin for this).
- Then use that toolbar.
- ipconfig /displaydns

Good hunting!

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But if the proxy kills the lookup,

by seanferd In reply to Hmm. ipconfig can help!

there won't be a listing, will there?

Of course, if we do it outside of the proxied network...

Which I guess is maybe what you were implying. My comprehension fail.

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Many Thanks... Got it figured out

by Tech_Lady In reply to Does anyone know where th ...

Since not all of our network systems are bound to the proxy, the ipconfig/showdns suggestion was very helpful. I had already excepted * in the proxy which I thought would have allowed the connection, but it didn't. Using showdns I found three address variations that weren't allowed by the entry above and I planned to try each of them individually to see which was correct for the toolbar spell check to function. I got lucky on the first try. Adding * to the exception list allows the spell check to function as desired. The actual site listed was The other two sites that I didn't have to try were and Thanks for all the suggestions!

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