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Does anyone still use Windows 98 or earlier?

By jfuller05 ·
I'm just curious if anyone uses Windows 2000/9x series, or even earlier. My wife's papaw uses Win98 (he has a lot of computers), has a laptop running XP, but his using 98 really shocked me. So, I thought I would ask the TR world about knowing anyone using earlier than XP operating systems. Of course, also include if you know anyone using earlier versions of Linux/and or Mac OS.

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by oldbaritone In reply to Does anyone still use Win ...

There are many old applications written in BASIC that won't run on anything newer than 98. 98SE was the change-over when the NTVDM was incorporated into the OS.

Any program that used the likes of PEEK() POKE(), INP(), OUT() etc just stopped working. Many suppliers refused to update software for older equipment, because they has something newer they wanted to sell.

Options for the customer were 1)Spend a ton of money on new equipment and software. 2)Keep using 95/98, which is running just fine.

Guess which option many customers chose.

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by El_Gazz?t? In reply to Does anyone still use Win ...

Hey man.

Glad to see I'm not the only one out there.

I still use MacOS 7.5.5 running on a Dos Compatible PowerMac 6100/66. :-) That's running Windows '95 on the DOS part.

I also still use my Apple //gs which is running GSOS 6.0.1!

But before I have people calling me a Luddite, Which I aren't by any means. I'm also using a 64 bit PC running XP Pro x64 edition as well as Windows 7 in a VM too. :-)

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What About DOS

by TheChas In reply to Does anyone still use Win ...

We use:

DOS 3.1
DOS 6.2
Windows 95
Windows 2000

We even have some systems where the OS predates the introduction of the IBM PC.

I still have a box with DOS 6.22 and Windows 3.1 on it.

Now, are any of these used for general home use and web browsing? No. But, they still perform the required function.


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Oh Chas, ya old fart.

by Oz_Media In reply to What About DOS

I was thinking, 'yeah I'd probably be still using Win2KPro if my old Thinkpad didn't finally die', still miss it as it sits on a shelf in front of me now.

But then there's Chas; no, not like Maude.

I think Mike (Percy) P. probably has a few running dinosaurs around too. (been so long since he's been around, I forgot his alias!)

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Dos Win 3.1

by dayen In reply to Oh Chas, ya old fart.

I have DOS 4.0 6.0 62. 6.22 95. 98 first and second editions I keep my old software some of my friend still run their business in dos I 4 machine runing dos 6.0 and had windows 3.11 but they were not aware that even had windows but when the old database breaks you can't fix it in XP because some 8 bit software won't run I use VMware for thoes times.

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Do You Mean Guruof DOS

by TheChas In reply to Oh Chas, ya old fart.

I think the alias you were thinking of is Guru of DOS.

Yes, it has been a long time since we heard from Mike.

Hope his life (and yours) is going well.


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yes - sorta

by .Martin. In reply to Does anyone still use Win ...

I have a few machines sitting round, although they are rarely used, I still use 'em.

Windows 2000
Windows 98
Windows 95
Windows 3.1

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I have an older box running Win 98 for games and know about

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Does anyone still use Win ...

sixty or so people who run Win 98 on their computers as they have older hardware that can't run XP as it doesn't meet the minimum standards. I also know of several small businesses and a couple of volunteer organisations that run Win 98 still, and one that still runs Win 3.11 with the 32 bit upgrade. All work well for them and they're quite happy with them.

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I use Windows 2000

by TonytheTiger In reply to Does anyone still use Win ...

on my EEEPC, and I used a Windows 98 boot disk to install it :)

Does everything I want.

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by DKeith45 In reply to Does anyone still use Win ...

I still have a drive with Win98se installed on it, but haven't used it in a long time... every now and then I take it out, **** off the dust and plug it in my tower for the **** of it, LOL. It was a great OS in its day.

I also have an old Compaq laptop that's a 486/25 with 24mb of ram, a 1.2 gig HD, which is HUGE considering it came originally with a 300mg drive. Hard to believe it cost around $5k when it was new in 1995. It has Win95 on it. I've been thinking of dusting it off too to see if it'll run an old game a friend gave me: Star Flight 2, Trade Routes of the Cloud Nebula. I played Star Flight 1 many years ago and it was great.

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