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Does anyone want to talk about Vietnam?

By jardinier ·
I am starting this thread because I know a lot of you guys served there.

It was a controversial war from beginning to end and I would really like to hear first-hand accounts about any aspects of the war that you might want to share.

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Maybe you misspoke Jules?

by jdclyde In reply to "first-hand accounts of n ...

Because that WAS a direct quote from you, and it is a ghoulish thing to say.

Now, your intent may be different, which means you misspoke or as you said "put your foot in your mouth".

In case you didn't notice, it was far from "reading sinister innuendos into my posts, based on their own agendas". It was making a direct observation on a very specific part of your post.

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You see Jules, I am not the only one you have offended by..............

by sleepin'dawg In reply to "first-hand accounts of n ...

being tactlessly insensitive and inappropriate; I'm just the first who jumped on it. Someone commented, a short time ago, about the time you posted a link to a, shall we say rather hirsute, young lady and it was mentioned then that in some way you've changed recently.My own opinion is/was you've slipped a gear or something but that's only my opinion. It is strange though, when so many others make similar observations.

If it eases your mind any to castigate me, feel free. Other's have tried to do it before and other's will probably try doing it after. I've survived and always will survive; others don't. My head may become a bit bloodied but it will never, ever be bowed.

When everyone in your life seems to be out of step, you better give your head a shake and check yourself out again.

Dawg ]:)

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My focus is on current events

by OnTheRopes In reply to So at least two people wo ...

To just read the start of this topic doesn?t show anything malicious or ghoulish, to me anyway. Your motivation, as you?ve explained, seems pretty reasonable.

Discussions for those of us old to enough to have gone through it bring back difficult memories and emotions even, sometimes especially, for those who didn?t serve.

I am more interested in today than yesterday though. The goofball politicians and appointees in charge today really make me concerned for troop safety.

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