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Does Google do no evil?

By Jeff Mowatt ·
A question I raise on a blog today, describing the defamation campaign I've experienced on Blogspot and how they've responded.

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A lot depends on your point of view on many things

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Does Google do no evil?

there are people who disagree with you and your positions, so Google give them the same rights as those who do agree with you - thus, they remain neutral. the fact you see neutrality as evil as a matter of your personal moral perspective which does NOT mean it's the right one or the general one.

If the people had been publishing material that was outright lies and defamatory under US law Google will take it down, as they have shown they will in the past. But difference of view is another matter.

There is a valid philosophy that helping people in situation like Ethiopia and the Ukraine is totally wrong for the race as a whole.

If you feel what's posted is actual defamation, then start a US court case. At the moment all you seem to have is a complaint about innuendo - which you don't even have a full reference to.

Everything you provide URLs for is your own self-grandisement and self promotion. Also, your web page needs fixing, the text boxes on the left block out some of the text in the main area, making the stuff hard to read - a common problem when someone without any real coding knowledge tries to do something fancy with Javascript crap.

NB: This whole things is so damn close to being spam for your website I almost reported it as such. however, I have given you the benefit of the doubt. Also, your attitude both here, and on your web site is such that you've reduced the sympathy I have for the matters you're pushing as it all comes across as a case of you big mouthing yourself.

Otherwise, have a nice day.

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Oh good, it wasn't just me.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to A lot depends on your poi ...

I couldn't find any links directly to the supposed defamation either. Many of the links included off the original post are unattributed. So far I haven't seen anything linking Google to any of this other than the original poster's say-so. This isn't a "He said, she said"; this is a "He said, then he said that she said".

I too twitched a finger toward the spam button; I'm waiting for any potential responses before I hit it.

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So what can I show you?

by Jeff Mowatt In reply to Oh good, it wasn't just m ...

How about these?

Does this organisation not exist? Did the conference not happen?

Very easy to cry spam in anoymity, isn't it?

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How about a link to the supposed 'slander'?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to So what can I show you?

We like to judge both sides of an issue around here. So far you've only presented links to your side; where's the actual Google content defaming you?

Don't change the topic. We're not debating the quality of Eastern European orphanages. We're questioning your original post about Google slandering you.

Regarding my anonymity, I'm open to receiving peer messages. Those I respond to receive my complete name and contact information. Regarding the spam button, the decision to remove content is up to the forum moderators; not everything flagged as spam gets deleted. I'd suggest reading the FAQ and New Members Guide, but I suspect you'll be departing quickly when you don't find a sympathetic audience here.

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A little effort

by Jeff Mowatt In reply to Does Google do no evil?

Would reveal the reference without me being obliged to post it. Very well then, I'll have to do it even though I don't want to promote the link any further than absolutely necessary

What else is unattributed, the British Telecom site maybe?

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You're the one trying to make a case

by CharlieSpencer In reply to A little effort

The burden of effort falls on the convincer, not those he's trying to convince.

Looking at what you linked to, I'd say your complaint is with the "People-Centered Economic Development Review", not with Google itself. Google-owned Blogspot is only the host, not the content provider. Your other articles linking back to earlier P-CED content, content that apparently met with your approval at the time. Now you post a link to a P-CED web log that disagrees with you. This looks like you once agreed with P-CED's policies, and your round of posts is being driven by a recent disagreement with them.

The main article on the linked page does not refer to you at all. One of the sidebar articles accuses you of "pumping the Internet to build up his Google Search rating." You joined three days ago and all but one of your posts have been on this subject; I'd say the accusation appears to be correct. Is that also considered slandering you?

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you want more?

by Jeff Mowatt In reply to You're the one trying to ...

Accused of hoaxing an humanitatian crisis with a plan to scam US government for a billion dollars by someone sniping from a hidden identity.

If that appears to be correct in your book,or even the product of a lucid mind, then I'm certainly wasting my time.

Your first instinct is to patronise, Ratther than reply directly to make reference to me in the thrid person and talk of pressing the spam button.

You've suggested first that this contend doesn't exist and now trying to find fault when its revealed/

Go ahead then if you're convinced that silencing me is what you must do. But will it have more to do with your ego getting a little bruised in being demonstrated to be of poor judgement?

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I'm not disputing your content.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to you want more?

Only your claims that Google is defaming you. Google is NOT defaming you. They provide a hosting service that is being used by others who may, or may not, be slandering you.

You insist on including Google's name at every opportunity, and they have nothing to do with any statements about you. You've confused the medium with the message. Unless you've filed legal action against them, I doubt Blogspot is aware of you or the blogs referring to you.

I'm not trying to silence you. It's a great big web and you're free to post whatever you want. I might decide that what you've posted is spam as defined by TechRepublic's terms of service, but unless the forum moderators agree, your posts will remain. Even if they do delete your content as spam, there's a difference between denying you use of this forum and 'silencing' you. Like so many who scream 'Censorship!', you fail to realize that no one is obligated to provide you a forum, only to not deny you the use of your own publication. You're totally free to set up your own server and host your own content; neither I, TR, Blogspot, or Google will attempt to prevent your doing so.

If you're not trying to pump your search numbers, why do you think members of a web site for IT professionals would be interested in your subject? TechRepublic has nothing to do with orphanages, and I'm guessing there are less than half a dozen Ukrainian members here. I only continue to respond because it's a slow morning.

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I have not been defamed by Google

by Jeff Mowatt In reply to I'm not disputing your co ...

This is what I wrote, which does not say what you claim.

"the defamation campaign I've experienced on Blogspot"

I filed a complaint in 2006, reminded Google several times and others have told me of their own conplaints, in support. Hold on and I'll find the reference.

What I do may be of no interest to Tech Republic readers on whose behalf you speak but it should be of interest to anyone who runs a business and finds it being defamed by those who see it in some distorted interpretation as competition which can be eliminated by bearing false witness, as you do by claiming that I've claimed defamation BY Google.

Yes I want to raise awareness of these issues, I don't deny that. Wouldn't you if someone tried to grind you into the ground under similar circumtances. Who'll be there when they come for you, who'll speak out?

Yoo could start again. Engage in discussion rather than dismissal and ad hominem criticism.

Google hosts what is claimed about me, my colleague and our business and will not respond to complaint. That is the issue.

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Your original article is an attack at Google and

by Deadly Ernest In reply to I have not been defamed b ...

implies they do NOT follow their own basic strategy - it's a more direct attack at Google than what you claim the blogspot blog says about you.

I've now said all I care to say about this.

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