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Does Linux belong to Microsoft?

By Kiltie ·
In a recent Q&A session, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer declared his belief that the Linux operating system infringes on Microsoft's intellectual property.

I won't post any links, the tech news is buzzing about it.

Is not paying SCO to sue IBM and buying out Novell not enough?

(these aren't my comments, I've been just reading news, but i am concerned.)

Any comments folks?

EDIT: an obvious typo

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Who owns what?

by dawgit In reply to here is a followup questi ...

When did Novell do that?

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I wonder about MAC OS too

by aad0002 In reply to here is a followup questi ...

Earlier in the morning my code-slinger darling and I were
talking about this issue. My view was the Apple might be a
winner when the dust settles. But then it hit me. Apple/MAC
servers are UNIX based. So what if.....yes, what if it isn't the
idealist types who are developing interesting open source
applications that is bothering MicroSoft. They can be picked
off easily enough. Do they sense a shift in corporate use in
the direction of MAC platforms? Are they worried about this?
mid to long term?

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Mac OS is probably safe

by TechExec2 In reply to I wonder about MAC OS too

I don't know the specifics, but it appears Microsoft and Apple have a broad patent cross-license agreement that will make Mac OS safe from Microsoft.

Microsoft/Apple Patent Cross-License Agreement

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The whole mess is troubling

by jmgarvin In reply to Does Linux belong to Micr ...

It reminds me of the XOR patent joy....

The SCO thing is basically finished. Something like 200 of the 220 items have been thrown out and it seems like the rest are going to follow shortly. has lost that case.

IBM is ramping up their distro production and the scuttle butt is that Red Hat and IBM might be getting together at some point.

The Novell issues has me pretty worried in that:
A) Ballmer basically said "Use Novell Linux or we'll sue you."

B) MS is trying to prop up its case, in the EU, that it isn't a monopoly and isn't predatory.

C) What does this mean for things like Samba 4 (ya...thanks for nothing MS)/CIFS/SMB, Vista/*nix integration, network files/local files indexing, and projects like Cedega/wine?

I think MS sees the writing on the wall. Their current business model is dying and they don't know how to react. I think, at this point, MS needs to be restructured from the inside. Too many corporate politics, too many fiefdoms, and WAY too many chiefs.

MS needs to get lean and mean. They need to drop the idea of single platform and move Office to totally work natively cross platform. They need create an OS that intgrates properly, even with their own products. They need to stop being so closed and open up...just a little, so that the community can step in and HELP them.


The reason you have so many security issues isn't because you are "popular," but because you have horrible security. The IE7/ActiveX sandbox has been broken and it looks like the virtual registry (which is pointless anyway) is already broken too.

Why not let the security community step in and help you secure your product? Rather than suing the pants off, or worse ignoring, those that find the holes, why not embrace them and LET them fix the issues?

You are going the way of IBM in the 80's. Be warned that the IT folks are going to jump ship and use something else. Why? We're tired of having to jump through hoops every time you come out with a new product. We've been burned with the Win2k -> Win2k3 upgrade and we were burned pretty baddly going frm Win2k -> WinXP.

I don't think many corporations (your bread and butter) will make the same mistake with Vista. As a matter of fact, many are talking about dropping MS and moving towards thin clients. ****, I know most banks are moving as far away from MS products as quickly as possible...even the US government is looking at Linux.

So what do you say? How about making quality and not forcing down peoples throats?

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How sure are you of your banks and US government comment?

by roaming In reply to The whole mess is troubli ...

I'm not being critical but would just like some more info. And do you know which banks? I'd probably feel a little safer if my bank was on the list.

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Gotta pass these on

by Kiltie In reply to Does Linux belong to Micr ...

Have a butchers at some of these:

The Internet is humming with news and opinions.

What do you think? Is the truth being gradually revealed?

oops sorry for UK slang: butchers=butchers hook=have a look (Cockney rhyming slang)

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Very interesting

by jmgarvin In reply to Gotta pass these on

It seems MS AND Ballmer are coming off as bullies and it looks like it's being directly related to the SCO lawsuit.

I hope IBM steps in an just squashes the FUD.

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Know what I was wondering speaking of IBM.

by DanLM In reply to Very interesting

How much of the AIX kernel might be affected by this? Why is IBM so silent? And if I missed postings/press releases on them stating a position, I apologize.


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oh, man....

by dawgit In reply to Gotta pass these on

even when they try:
"Novell, ... A once-bitter rival of Microsoft and creator of the SUSE Linux distribution that competes with ....." [from: ]
They still can't get it right. Geeeze that stuff tweeks my twity.

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Microsoft to face challenge over Linux licenses

by DanLM In reply to Does Linux belong to Micr ...

Does this only only address future release's?


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