Does MS provide non MSDN downloads for XP for those that alrdy have Licence

By Slayer_ ·
I have an XP Home machine here, that is well, crippled. The accountant installed as much crap as she could, when I caught her, I of course locked her down so hard she couldn't even right click her mouse. But the damage was already done. Its twin system can perform almost 100 times faster at even basic tasks. The windows system just got bloated to all ****. If you hook it up to a DHCP network, it will DoS attack your router! So it is obviously infected with something that so far none of the virus scanners out there can find. With the system no longer in use (Accountant fired for incomptence) The best solution is a clean wipe. However, there is no install CD. The Licence number is on the side of the machine, but naturally no CD and no recovery partition, nothing. The shop it was bought at wants 100 bucks for a fresh XP install. Talk about a scam... I have an XP pro disc, but well, that doesn't help me...

So does MS provide a download for XP Home?

Cause if not I think I will use that machine to test drive Mandriva Spring 2008 that I downloaded 2 months ago.

FYI this is no longer a business system, I took the systems back when the business went belly up.

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It does actually, look to the LEFT and scroll down. :)

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to He wants XP Home.....

You will see "XP home".

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And this is why......

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to It does actually, look to ...

.... it publicly states:

Some of you need to read the "About ISO CD Images"

"These ISO images DO NOT contain any Microsoft operating system. You can not use these images to install Windows; they are for repair purposes only.

There are no ISOs for Windows NT, 2000, XP or Vista. If you need to boot from a CD to repair your Windows NT, 2000, XP or Vista computer, please use the original Windows installation CD, which is bootable."

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please see these Techrepublic links

by alashhar In reply to Does MS provide non MSDN ...
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That's not the problem

by seanferd In reply to please see these Techrepu ...

He needs installation media to match the key (XP Home edition).

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find a paricy Windows XP Home Edi. CD then follow below IT DOJO video

by alashhar In reply to That's not the problem

what i understood that he wants to reinstall the windows xp home and use his oem license, but he does not have the cd;
he can install the windows xp home edition from paricy windows xp home edition with OEM lic., then follow the step in the following link to make it officially

IT Dojo: Change the Windows XP product key:**56.html

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