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By Jmitchell6048 ·
I currently have a W2K AD domain running in Mixed mode. My predecessor made the mail server (exch 5.5) the PDC, which now though w2k running in the mixed mode has made it the BDC. In the effort(?) of making things easier on me I'm thinking I would just start with a 'fresh' 2003 domain. What I want/hope to do is to create a NEW W2003 domain, set up a trust between the two domains, setup the ADC connector between the two domains (needed to get to exchange 5.5 server, right?), migrate the important servers over to the new domain, then move the users/workstation accounts over (though ADMT), finally put in a new 2003 Exch server and eventually mothball the old W2K/NT domain. Now first off, does it sound like a viable path? Second off, can I do this on the same IP segment? I've 50 users who get their IP address via DHCP however all servers and printers I have locked down with static IP addresses.
I've plenty of internal static IP address that I can use for the "new" domain but the addresses they are all on the same IP segment as the "old" domain. Should I just start with a "new" IP scheme or can I stick with the old which is what I'd like to do? If anyone has done this before I'd like to hear from you.

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In the same boat

by rfdswa In reply to Domain Migration

Haven't done it before but we'll be doing the same thing very shortly. My predecessor decided that AD on each and every server was a good thing and that demoting them prior to removing them from the network was a bad thing - current AD structure is to say the least thrashed.

Hope you get some feedback on this - if not feel free to contact me by email. Might be able to discuss amongst ourselves if nothing else.

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Awesome! Thanks

by Jmitchell6048 In reply to In the same boat

Hey thanks for replying. I was beginning to feel all alone out there. Sounds like you and I are in possibly the somewhat same boat. Anyway I've done some "smaller" testing so far regarding trusts and drive sharing/mapping. From what I've been able to see I think this is 'doable' provided you have enough spare network address (as you know I'm trying to do this on the same IP subnet). Main thing I believe may need to happen is that once you migrate a PC over to the new domain you need to make sure it points to the correct DNS server/wins/AD server of that new domain. Basically I created a W2K and W2003 domains, made sure the trusts worked properly (make sure you have forward DNS zones created for the other domain or you will receive a "RPC server unavailable" error message if you reboot either AD server), made sure my drive mappings worked. Then I joined a test PC from one domain to the other, pumped in static IP address, recreated the user account and it seemed to work. That is as far as I've gotten so far but it worked okay. I tried the ADMT route but found it just easier to recreate the user accounts since my network isn't that big (50 users).
I'll let you know more as I learn more...

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by rfdswa In reply to Awesome! Thanks

Great, sounds like your a little further along then me at the moment. Still finalising the project plan and naming conventions. Also grabbed one of my reseller partners and their resident AD guru for a chat next week to verify my 'mapped out' steps. However from all my research sounds like your on the right / same track. I've got just over 150 users so my plan is to stage over about 2 weeks once up and running. Fun part will be migrating Exchange accounts at the same time but again looks to be somewhat painless as long as the initial set up is correct. I'm working on the same IP subnet as well since I really don't feel like rolling out another VLAN.

I'll keep you posted as well.

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