Domain Names No Longer Recognized - Desktop XP

By josephlslewis ·
I believe a bug hit me and somehow I'm left without the ability to connect to the internet via my broadband. I've been over and under everything possible and spent 90 minutes on with my ISP but to no avail.
I was able to ping specific ip addresses but those domain names cannot be found.

The affected computer is my desktop and I can connect my notebook to the router and connect without issue. I have disconnected the desktop from the router, etc.

Anyone experience this or know of a way to get the dang thing to recognize those domain names? I'm going insane and more so because I have to use my notebook loaded with Vista!
I appreciate your time and any advice you may have!

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Shout out to Arlington! And to answer your question...

by scott_heath In reply to Domain Names No Longer Re ...

When you run 'ipconfig /all' from the cmd prompt do you have DNS Servers?

Right click on the Local Area Connection in your network properties and choose repair. Does this fix the problem?

Do you download and run things you shouldn't :) Check c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts. Do you have a of entries? By default you have one mayve two.

Let me know...

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by josephlslewis In reply to Shout out to Arlington! ...

Scott, great to get your response and a local, too!
I have done the "repair" function to no avail. Now, for the path you provide to check c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts, I have no "windows" directly off "c:". I found WINDOWS (upper case) off of "C:\docs and settings\owner\WINDOWS" and then a folder for "system", which is empty.

I did find c:\WINNT\system32\drivers\etc\hosts and that hosts file is empty.
Glad you asked? LOL! I'm game to try anything you have come to mind, and I have tried and run every diagnostic program I can think of, too. Look forward to hearing from you again!

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the other question

by josephlslewis In reply to Follow-up

Oh, about that other question, I refuse to answer on the grounds I may.... ;-)

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what about...

by scott_heath In reply to Follow-up

the ipconfig /all? did it show any DNS servers?

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Sounds Like

by retro77 In reply to Domain Names No Longer Re ...

Sounds like you either dont have a DNS server set or you can not get to the ones you have.

Do the IPCONFIG /ALL and try to ping the addresses you have for DNS. Or try to telnet to them on port 53:

telnet <IPADDRESS> 53

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Sounds Like - Reply

by josephlslewis In reply to Sounds Like

Hello Sir, thanks for the reply. I have one ip listed as DNS Servers and that pinged successfully, however, telnet failed, could not open the connection on port 53.
The Default Gateway, DHCP Server and DNS all have the same IP Address(don't know if that's normal or not). The IP Address is one digit up from the DNS address.

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Another perspective

by hifabby In reply to Domain Names No Longer Re ...

Hi there, that same scenerio happened to me a few weeks back. When you type 'ipconfig /all' check the Host Name.... in my case it had is not correct for my network). What I did was type 'ipconfig /release' then 'ipconfig /renew' follow by 'ipconfig /flushdns' and finally, 'ipconfig /registerdns'.

You can reboot pc and type at the command 'ipconfig /all'. It should fix it.

Default Gateway, DHCP should have the ip address and DNS should have two ip address.

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by animatech In reply to Another perspective

They are all correct.
The results you get from IP config should show you your PC,DNS,DHCP & default gateway IP address.
From your posts it looks like your router provide you with the DNS,DHCP services.
What you will see is that the gateway\DHCP and DNS will have the same IP address.
On your router there will be the ISP supplied DNS addresses (Which will look different to your LAN IP address)
The fact that you can ping an IP but cannot ping a name means that you cannot resolve the name.
You want to make sure that you are pointing to the correct DNS address means your PC pointing to the router which points to the ISP DNS.
Another scenario will see you adding the ip address to your PC (Right click net workplace > properties > local area connection > tick " use the following DNS server: and type the address supplied by your ISP.
OK all the way out and try to connect.
As said before you may want to clear your DNS cash by running ipconfig /flushdns and then register your DNS by running /ipconfig /registerdns.
If you running server at home this is a whole different story

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Folloing up

by josephlslewis In reply to ipconfig

Thanks, all, I keep using your tips to whittle away at this annoyance. I know it has a resolution somewhere. I removed the desktop from the router setup, moved the notebook to wireless and will continue troublesooting the name/ip issue.
Animatech, this is just my home computer setup with the router installed originally to use my work laptop VPN thru my ISP. Thanks again everyone! I will post the success story when it arrives!

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