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hello guys....i'm back!!!without much ado, i just wanna ask from you the list of do's and dont's in using printers..just the basic for me to publish for our end users...thanks a LOT...!!!i'm waiting for your replies...GOD bless..u

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I didn't know there WAS a list of do's & dont's ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to do's and dont's

What sort of things are you thinking of ?

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Stated best practices?

by jdclyde In reply to I didn't know there WAS a ...

Because if you don't have a rule saying you can't do something, people think they can.

First, if I were to make a rule, it would say that company equipment is for company business, and not for personal use. Then, if there is EVER anything that is an abuse, it is covered.

Second, print everything in DRAFT mode AND gray scale unless it is being sent to a customer. Most people are to stupid to realize that every document (especially printed web pages) do not have to be in high res and in technicolor. Set that as the DEFAULT for all systems.

Third, have a recycle bin AND a shredder bin next to the networked printers. I would also have a shredder that MULCHES. The ones that just strip the paper are worse than nothing, because it is EASY to put back together AND because you only shred the important papers you have actually identified what information thief's should be looking for.

Keep an extra set of ink cartridges on hand and always stay one ahead. When you put the last one in, is when you order more.

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Do & Donts

I think jdclyde has summed it up pretty much, theres not much else really to think on except think about what type of printer you is it fax and photocopier all in ones? also think about the maintainance procedures and what users should do in regards to policy when a hardware failure applies.

defo include the fact that users should not sit on the copyscreens to copy there rears lol, you be amazed at how many injuries are sustained world wide through this type of accident.

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