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Dos Boot Disk Creation - Need help plz

By mrafrohead ·
I am making a bootable thumbdrive.

I have the drive working properly if I take a dos boot disk and copy the whole thing to the root of the thumbdrive.

When I boot with it, it treats the thumbdrive as a C drive.

Therefore will everything in the root, I just needed to alter the autoexec.bat and config.sys and setramd.bat to route through to the C instead of A.


I decided to change things a little bit. So i took all of the files, EXCEPT the three main dos files, command.com/io.sys/msdos.sys, and put them into a directory called "DOS".

So now I have taken all of the config files I listed above and have them pointed to c:\dos but now it's not working right.

I added a autoexec.bat file to the root and had it point to the autoexec.bat file in the DOS folder.

None of my virtual drives are showing up now. I'm not given a choice to boot from CD. My ramdrive won't work.

Neone have any ideas what I'm doing wrong. I've spent all day on this and had it figured out, but now since my little "change", I am completely stuck...

Any help would be appreciated. If you need more info, just lemme know and I'll post it... :)



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Config.sys will not work hidden

by tngamecockfan In reply to DOS or Windows

Make sure that the System attribute is turned on. (S) Use the attribute command on config.sys and find out what attributes are set on this file. Use - to turn off an attribute and + to turn one on.

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by Bizzo In reply to Config.sys will not work ...

Could this be the oldest Zombie ever??
3 years old! Happy Birthday!

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Hey, Chicken Lover!

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Config.sys will not work ...

What inspired you to dig this up? The original poster has been inactive long enough for his History to be empty.

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Must be a Tater!

by tngamecockfan In reply to Hey, Chicken Lover!

Just happened to be looking at the posts. Most of the time I don't take the time. Didn't live far from B-L prior to leaving for TN.

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What good is it.

by jdmercha In reply to Dos Boot Disk Creation - ...

Why do you want a DOS directory? I've not tried doing this begore but it seems to me, that if config.sys and autoexec.bat are not in the root directory, then they won't run. I'd put every file back into the root and only move a few files at a time into the DOS directory. Then see at what point it breaks.

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