dos pfs professional file

By Triathlete1981 ·
we're still using the old dos pfs pro file system made by software publishing co in way back when.

does anyone have a suggestion to upgrade this type of software?

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Upgrade to what?

by OldER Mycroft In reply to dos pfs professional file

How big a jump can you take?

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we can take a pretty big jump

by Triathlete1981 In reply to Upgrade to what?

the pfs was installed when we got our new dell poweredge server in august of last year. but we're still using pfs. unfortunately, files get corrupted quite frequently.

we're also using an as/400 system in our company. i haven't looked into transferring all the data from pfs into as/400 b/c with ibm vs. microsoft, it won't be as easy as upgrading pfs to something windows-based.

so, with trying to upgrade pfs, we can take a pretty big leap to finally get into the 21st century with this stuff. i understand that either way we go, we're going to have to do a lot of data entry and plugging and chugging to make the transition. but it's been hard to find someone who can give me some suggestions/ideas on how to upgrade or what to upgrade to.

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Glad you mentioned as/400...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to we can take a pretty big ...

'Coz that was going to be my insightful next suggestion.

I would have also reckoned it to be difficult, so I'm afraid that's as far as I go. My as/400 days are long behind me now and my info is well past its sell-by-date!

Good luck...(as I crawl back to my rocking chair!)

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i'm all ears

by Triathlete1981 In reply to Glad you mentioned as/400 ...

if you have anything else to suggest aside from adding the info to the as/400. maybe a windows-type program?

get out of the rocking chair!! we still need you!! kidding. thanks for your help.

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Upgrade or Replace?

by IC-IT In reply to we can take a pretty big ...

Do you just want to use a diff. DB or transfer the PFS to a new server?
I thought you could do an export using a copy, export records, then to a delimited Ascii. You then choose the delimitter.
If your setting it up to Access, you then import it and use the wizard.

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re: access

by Triathlete1981 In reply to Upgrade or Replace?

We'd like to use a different DB all together. The reason for this is that one particular file keeps getting corrupted and we must have lost hundreds if not thousands of records over the years we've been using pfs.

If we go with access, I have to create forms for all database entries, right?

The transfer would be thousands upon thousands of files. If I create a form and export to a delimited ascii, the delimitter I choose would be something like Tab or comma? Or is it the end program like Access?

When I import into Access, the delimitter will be recognized by Access and placed into the correct entry locations in the form?

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re: access

by IC-IT In reply to re: access

The delimitter could be a comma, space, semicolon, tab or will even accept your identifier.
I would try this with just a handful of records first (or just use a csv test file).
Open Access and go to File - Open.
Change the file type to any files and choose your test file. Use the wizard to familiarize yourself with the options.
Normally the # of fields and data types can be changed on the first page, however if you go to the second page there is an option to tell it that the field names are contained in the first row. If there are not field options in the first row you can add them a few different ways.

You can (and should) create forms to ease the entry of new data. I don't think you will need to before hand.

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pfs to access conversion

by edskochcooling In reply to re: access

Did you attempt the transfer from pfs to access or any other database? What happened? Thanks.

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pfs conversion

by Triathlete1981 In reply to pfs to access conversion

i found a copy of pfs v2.0 which has the export feature. but all the files needed to be upgraded from pfs v1.0 to v2.0, which caused a corruption of about 35% of data. once they were exported to an excel sheet, they were imported into the new database and we had a bunch of temps going through the records to fix the 35%.

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by Chance4Success In reply to pfs conversion

Where did you find PFS 2.0 we could use that here?

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