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Double standard -- hypocrisy at TR

By jardinier ·
While many everyday, socially acceptable words are asterisked out of existence in discussions, when I am waiting for a post to register I am confronted by a banner advertisement which glaringly asks:

"Does your job suck?"

Personally I find that word -- in the context in which it is used here -- far more offensive and vulgar than many of the words which are excised from discussions. For example, jd was not allowed to use the word w_h_o_r_e which has been an acceptable word in the English language for centuries, with an etymology tracing it back to several old languages, including Latin.

[Edited for clarification]

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dumb or just stupid?

by jdclyde In reply to Just a symptom of a large ...

no one is talking religion here.

no one is talking censorship here.

What IS being talked about is a private company, providing a service to working professionals having the right to decide if there are certain words they feel are not welcome on their private server.

People that feel any deviant language is acceptable to all (like yourself) are always free to start your own private server and talk any way you wish.

Funny, but if I were to say something racist instead of perverted, would you still support that speach? Is censorship still not appropriate?

Note before you make an even more stupid comment, I do not make racist comments and do not support people being able to do so. Not all speach is protected, even in America.

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Ho Ho Ho?s the Word . . .

by Peter Warren In reply to dumb or just stupid?

Gently off the server
Diddle me doodle me diddle me do
W_h_o_r_e is just a word

Gee whiz, with all the right-wing fundamentalist groaning and squealing in America, you can?t blame a guy for missing the difference between w_h_o_r_i_n_g and religion. I?ll tell you what ? I?ll w_h_o_r_e for your baseless afterlife superstition if you?ll w_h_o_r_e for mine.

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Is censorship appropriate

by mjwx In reply to Just a symptom of a large ...

I wouldn?t like people using the word W_h_o_r_e, F_u_c_k or S_h_i_t in front of children. Censorship can go to far but that is because some people can?t censor themselves. They ruin it for the rest of us.

I to clarify, good sir am not a Christian. In fact I have once advocated Satanism in favour to Christianity.

And onward Christian soldiers marching off to war!! (sorry but you asked).

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You just went and ruined the image he created

by jdclyde In reply to Is censorship appropriate

Here I was beginning to think that it was almost a prereq that if you were an anti-christian, you HAD to run around talking like you have a third grade education.

You mean to tell me that your religion or lack of it is NOT what determines if your a foul mouthed punk or not? ;\ Learn something new every day!


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by neilb@uk In reply to You just went and ruined ...

anti-christian = foul mouthed punk?

Watch it, you $?{%^?$%^ $%!??%$#-##^%$!!

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I'm watching

by jdclyde In reply to Ahem!

but I don't see much!

Not to mention, you KNOW that was intended only as a direct slam on this id10t known as EPW.

Having someone like THAT on YOUR team really doesn't do much for the image of the rest of the club, now does it? Maybe you need to revoke his membership privialages? Excommunicate him from the anti-christian fan club? B-)

(do you eat with that mouth? But then again, as GG has shown us, what do you expect from someone that likes "gravy" on their faggots? :0 )

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jd, I bet you'd like

by neilb@uk In reply to Ahem!

gravy with your faggots, followed by a little roly-poly and - if you wanted to do it properly - you'd end up with a spotted d:ck.

This can be done by both sexes but, traditionally, fellas like it best.

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Can't do it Neil.....

by jdclyde In reply to Ahem!

I am to picky about who and what I eat!

Maybe if the names were translated to something that isn't so blantantly GAY....

Funny how so many words have been ruined by the homosexual movement.

The name "Bob" took the hardest hit here in the states, with "gay bob". :0

Parents. When naming your kids, think of every bad name that can be made out of the names you choose BEFORE giving it to your kids! Save them a lot of school yard beatings! B-) this has been a public service announcement!

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I rest my case

by Peter Warren In reply to You just went and ruined ...

By the way, I'm also the anti-Christ.

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THE anti-christ

by mjwx In reply to I rest my case

I will have you know that there is no THE anti-christ only AN anti-christ and you are most certainly an insult to genuine anti-christs everywhere.

FYI anti-christ's are anyone who doesn?t follow Christian orthodoxy (as the literal definition of the name would have you believe). The anti-christ is an American concept (Hollywood) and has nothing to do with the beast of revelation (except in perceptions).

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