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Double standard -- hypocrisy at TR

By jardinier ·
While many everyday, socially acceptable words are asterisked out of existence in discussions, when I am waiting for a post to register I am confronted by a banner advertisement which glaringly asks:

"Does your job suck?"

Personally I find that word -- in the context in which it is used here -- far more offensive and vulgar than many of the words which are excised from discussions. For example, jd was not allowed to use the word w_h_o_r_e which has been an acceptable word in the English language for centuries, with an etymology tracing it back to several old languages, including Latin.

[Edited for clarification]

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that is

very disgusting. what the **** are ya'll eating over there?

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Proper food

by neilb@uk In reply to that is

That was a recipe for something which, in UK terms, is pretty mild! Liver, hearts and fat pork simmered in gravy1 What's wrong with that?

Check out haggis. It's made from the bits of sheep that don't look like meat.

Full-on haggis has everything in it.

Weeny Americanised haggis has "normal" meat with just the liver added for flavour. It isn't even cooked in the stomach!

Oh God! I've just realised that we might be eating one of Marky Marks old "friends"...

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Anyway, you Aussies should bloody talk

by neilb@uk In reply to Double standard -- hypocr ...

with that advert...

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by jardinier In reply to Anyway, you Aussies shoul ...

However both Tony Blair and John Howard got some mileage out of that joke when Blair addressed our parliament on March 27.

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by douglashead In reply to Anyway, you Aussies shoul ...

I will when I get a job actually yeah my current job does suck! I would much rather be something other than a job hunter.

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I always knew Neil was into f a g g o t s!!!

by gadgetgirl In reply to Double standard -- hypocr ...

couldn't resist, sorry.

And I wholeheartedly agree with you re the Ozzie Ad. My mum doesn't like it either. AND it has TWO swear words in it. Being strict chapel, d'you realise I was hauled over the coals by Ma at the age of 28 for actually saying "damn and blast" within her earshot?!!!

Jules - that word also makes me cringe, but for a totally different reason. The reason you find it offensive is not the word itself; it is the context in which it is used. With me, however, it reminds me when I was taking my friends little girl and my daughter out one day, not realising that my friends daughter transposed her "F's" with her "S's"..... :0

yup. she did. In the middle of the shopping centre, age 2, she screamed at the top of her voice that she "wanted a suck of her dummy..." :8}

Why doesn't a gaping great six foot hole open up and swallow you when you need it to?!

(Mae - I can hear you laughing from here! You were supposed to be sympathising!)


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I thought it was JD...

by neilb@uk In reply to I always knew Neil was in ...

at least by recent posts, anyway.

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wahey! telepathy works!

by gadgetgirl In reply to I thought it was JD...

well, at least across the UK ........


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by maecuff In reply to I always knew Neil was in ...

I swear..that sound you heard? It was a sympathetic chuckle..

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did you get a medal

by gadgetgirl In reply to GG

from your side-stepping course?


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