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Double standard -- hypocrisy at TR

By jardinier ·
While many everyday, socially acceptable words are asterisked out of existence in discussions, when I am waiting for a post to register I am confronted by a banner advertisement which glaringly asks:

"Does your job suck?"

Personally I find that word -- in the context in which it is used here -- far more offensive and vulgar than many of the words which are excised from discussions. For example, jd was not allowed to use the word w_h_o_r_e which has been an acceptable word in the English language for centuries, with an etymology tracing it back to several old languages, including Latin.

[Edited for clarification]

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by maecuff In reply to did you get a medal

I did, however, get a certificate of achievement..

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The REAL question is

by jdclyde In reply to I always knew Neil was in ...

are they INTO him? :0

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JD uses language like that?!?

by DMambo In reply to Double standard -- hypocr ...

Now who on earth could he have been talking about with a word like that?

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by jdclyde In reply to JD uses language like tha ...

I have no idea what he is going on about! (where is that blasted "innocent" emoicon when I need it??? X-( )

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by Jellimonsta In reply to Really

While I am not sure you should be allowed to use the 'innocent' emoticon JD, I do wonder why there is no 'angel'?
How hard would it be for them to create one when the 0 : ) are used in succession? 0:) would be a good 'innocent' emoticon in my opinion.

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Probably just a misspelling somewhere along the line

by DMambo In reply to Really

You do have an occasional misspelled word in your posts. I think I remember you once said something about not being sure of the location of your EX and you meant to type "my kids' mother is a-where?", but you just fat-fingered it.

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sniffing glue?

by jdclyde In reply to Probably just a misspelli ...

I would NEVER say anything bad about my boys female parental unit! I am MUCH too nice for that!

I did let ONE thing slip in front of the boys before. They were talking about their female parental units cat was having problems with its ears and they thought it might be "mites". It just slipped out "probably just from listening to your mother". (oops!)

Through the tears of laughter, they told me I wasn't nice..... ;\

and I usually do so good at not saying anything bad or negative about her when the boys are around too........

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JD, sometimes you can't

by Old Guy In reply to sniffing glue?

keep the truth from just bursting out. :)

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And you are surprised....

by Jellimonsta In reply to sniffing glue?

her 'kitty' has a parasite infestation problem?! ;\

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by jdclyde In reply to And you are surprised....

no, no I am not.

That was why I gave her anything she wanted to get her out ASAP. Didn't want her knocked up or bringing something back to me!

funny the way I mentioned it to the boys, really sad when looking at the reality like this..... Karma is kicking her *** hard!

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