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Double standard -- hypocrisy at TR

By jardinier ·
While many everyday, socially acceptable words are asterisked out of existence in discussions, when I am waiting for a post to register I am confronted by a banner advertisement which glaringly asks:

"Does your job suck?"

Personally I find that word -- in the context in which it is used here -- far more offensive and vulgar than many of the words which are excised from discussions. For example, jd was not allowed to use the word w_h_o_r_e which has been an acceptable word in the English language for centuries, with an etymology tracing it back to several old languages, including Latin.

[Edited for clarification]

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Jardinier, I hope that you

by Old Guy In reply to Double standard -- hypocr ...

don't pass out or that the world doesn't stop but I agree with you completely on this one!!!

Ideally I wish there were a lot of words that weren't used in communication but there's going to be and I can dismiss them for myself. But I do agree sometimes it seems like there is a double standard.

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<recovering from faint>

by gadgetgirl In reply to Jardinier, I hope that yo ...

oooh. Did the world just stop for a second there?


I hope you all (y'all, sorry Mae!) mean this contextually. Because as a legitimate word, it's extremely useful. Go on, try it. Describe how to use a straw without using it. I mean, try explaining it to a youngster, in their language. Not technically, but in ways in which a youngster would understand.


Try doing that without using the word "suck"!!!

(ok, jd, ok - you can think of something other than a straw.......

ye gods. predictable.)

And while you're on, OG, do you have anything against the word "gay"? That has also rattled my cage, contextually. We have a dance here called the Gay Gordons......well, it used to be. I haven't danced it in years, as I think no-one knows what to call it anymore for fear of causing offence to homosexuals.

(sorry, if I offended, jd) (!)




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by Old Guy In reply to <recovering from faint>

Without going into depth on my personal views about homosexuality, yes, it does kind of stink that the word gay and rainbows signs have been twisted/turned into a totally different context and that yes, some people are afraid to uspset or offend the homosexual community. I'm not sure if you read the PC thead where I said something to the effect that I am tired of trying to be politically correct and someone said it sounded like I had PTSD-PC...

Does that answer your question without opening up a can of worms? ?

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Political correctness

by jardinier In reply to GG,

Would you believe that several years ago I got so steamed up by the absurdity and constraints imposed by political correctness that I SERIOUSLY considered starting a political party called "The Politically Incorrect Party."

I called at the office of my local Federal member and asked his secretary the procedure for starting a political party. She and another staff member strongly advised me against starting a small independent party because it might be taken over and used by people with a different agenda.

This had already happened with the One Nation Party which had been set up by Pauline Hanson.

I was advised to join one of the major parties. Note ONE of the major parties which I thought was pretty cool coming from the secretary of the Federal MP who resided over the second safest conservative seat in the country.

Well I joined the Labor Party but I am still on good terms with Dr Brendan Nelson MP and his staff despite us being on opposite sides of the political spectrum.

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Do you think there

by Old Guy In reply to Political correctness

would be enough of us at TR to start a World Politically Incorrect Party? I would be one of the first ones up!!!

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oh, OG - :8}

by gadgetgirl In reply to Do you think there

you'd be......what?




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Ok, I know I'm slow sometimes

by Old Guy In reply to oh, OG - :8}

but what did I miss?

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Neil, babz, over here.....

by gadgetgirl In reply to oh, OG - :8}

please explain, in nice clear, concise English what is wrong with this sentence to OG

"I would be one of the first ones up!!!"

I know this is not the normal translatory service you provide, but under the circumstances, I think you should explain this to him, being a male, as he is.....I'd make him blush - again!

Cheers, marra!


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by Old Guy In reply to oh, OG - :8}

never mind. :8} I got it now. Gee you have to be specific with a sentence... ;\

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FIRST isn't what matters

by jdclyde In reply to Do you think there

duration, my friend, is the name of the game.

Hey GG, did I mention I used to be a long distance runner? ]:)

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