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DOWNLOA 10+ tools you should have in your support tech repair kit

By JodyGilbert ·
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by SandyM In reply to DOWNLOAD: 10+ tools you s ...

Don't forget a torch. I used to use a great little one that cost ?5 on e bay and also had a cigarette lighter (not that I smoke), but I now use an AA Maglite.

BTW - I never go anywhere without my Pocket Leatherman!

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Need to have a Leatherman

by ley1963 In reply to Illumination!

A Leatherman is essential. I have owned mine for 15 years and it still works great (looks good too). I just oil it every once and a while and it goes everywhere with my via a belt clip. Knife, screw drivers, file, pliers, and wire cutters. Most important, it has a bottle opener for cracking open that beer when he job is done.

If you go to their website, they also have a nice accessory kit you can buy that you attach to your Leatherman that gives you a nut driver. The little kit that attaches to your belt (2" by 2" square) holds this nut driver, and 6 tips. I have an additional Phillips, Torx and Allen tips. The actual nut driver attaches in simple but sturdy fashion (ingenious actually) and gives me more torque to turn screws along with the additional tips.

By the way, I have used a paper clip to open CDROMs that are broken or have no power. It is also great for reseting many many devices that give you just a little hole for the reset button. They are also great for holding papers together....wierd.

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Carry it on the belt

by NickNielsen In reply to Illumination!

Many years ago, I purchased a Cordura belt pack that would hold a Mini-Maglight, an original Leatherman, a Buck Cadet pocketknife, and a pen. I think I paid US$10 for it. It's still going strong, I still have everything except the pen, and I still use these three tools for almost every routine job.

The looks on faces when you rebuild a PC or printer without a bag full of tools are absolutely priceless.

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AAA Maglite

by tom In reply to Illumination!

A few years ago I found a Mag Lite that uses 2 AAA batteries. Fits a shirt pocket much better than a AA lite, and seems to work better and longer than a single AAA lite. Searched all over this year, and no one seems to carry them. Haven't looked online yet. They're great if you can find them.

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Paper Clip?

by ibowie In reply to DOWNLOAD: 10+ tools you s ...

Hi: Sorry I have to ask, what is the paper clip for?

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Paper Clip

by peebriches In reply to Paper Clip?

Paper clip usually used for ejecting cd's, but also good for poking beligerent users eyes out!

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Cheap Toolkit

by bdowdell In reply to Paper Clip

I bought a $6. toolbox at a discount store and filled it with:
AA flashlight .99
2 types of tweezers $1.40
1 toothbrush .99 (for cleaning rollers on printers)
small bottle of Alcohol.
Pliers, Screwdrivers, Lithium grease, Cable tester, xtra 9v battery, xtra bios batteries, cable crimps, wire cutters, small bag of rj45's, labels, Property tags for inventory, small rachet set, can of compressed air.
Total weight: under 8 lbs.
Total time wasted by not being prepared: 0

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Paper Clip!

by NickNielsen In reply to Paper Clip

Also essential in retail maintenance (point-of-sale) world for resetting devices, releasing cable latches, initiating register dumps, and repelling irritated store workers.

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by RNR1995 In reply to Paper Clip
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Shutting down Mitel PABX

by graham In reply to Paper Clip?

Believe it or not, the paper clip is actually the specified tool used by Mitel to shut down their PABX systems...

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