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DOWNLOA 10+ tools you should have in your support tech repair kit

By JodyGilbert ·
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Paper Clip good for a lot of things

by sboverie In reply to Paper Clip?

1. Straighten part of the paper clip and insert it into the tiny hole in the CD/DVD drive to remove the CD/DVD media or to just open the drive.

2.Use pieces of the paper clip and wrap them around your meter probe tips with a short length sticking out beyond the prob tip, use this for probing tiny connectors and other test points that are too small for the regular probe tip.

3. Use the paper clip to repair mechanical things, need a hinge pin, need a latch, need to short something together.

4. You can use a paper clip as a tool, although not as good as real tools, but when a need is there it can work. I have used paper clips as screwdriver, wrench, drill bit and an interlock over ride.

Be creative, don't look at things as what they are made to be, look at them as objects that have other uses besides what they are designed for. Forget what your shop teacher told you about using the right tool the right way for the right reason.

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Hemostats! I thought I was the only one...!

by evan In reply to DOWNLOAD: 10+ tools you s ...

These little things make life so much easier. They can reach near anywhere and have excellent gripping power, no matter what the item. I thought that I was the only one who kept a pair in the toolkit... this makes me feel not as weird now! ha.

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Roach Clip ahhhhh hemostat...yes thats the ticket

by fredbrillo In reply to Hemostats! I thought I wa ...

I guess it depends on what generation you re from....haha.

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Blu Tac

by markb In reply to DOWNLOAD: 10+ tools you s ...

Put a dab of Blue Tac on the end of a screw driver. Great for getting those loose screws from awkward places. Its like having a magnetic screwdriver, except it picks up everything!

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the ultimate tool it's the last

by pherdinand In reply to DOWNLOAD: 10+ tools you s ...

I don't saw al your paper but you are a real IT PROFESSIONAL.
best regards.

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the software discs

by half In reply to DOWNLOAD: 10+ tools you s ...

I have a variety of software discs from a mag that has them every month ,,handy for adobe /spyware/ incredimail/and other must have programs. just load off the disc

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No Tone Generator?!?

by TBBrick In reply to DOWNLOAD: 10+ tools you s ...

Cannot believe you left out a tone generator. Be it data cable or telephony issues, my TG has saved me boocoo headaches. Another thing I can't do with out is my Craftsman multi-head screwdriver. Can't lose the bits as they are stored in the handle. You twist the cap over the bit you want, tip it, and it slides out, then you snap it into place. Finally, my small jewelers screwdriver kit, not just for my glasses, but those itty-bitty screws on hard drives, et al.

What you haul all of it around in is just as important. I have two cases. I use a smaller fishing tackle-type box for telephony tools and parts. I have a canvas gatemouth bag for the bigger stuff such as a spare data cable, mouse, mouse pad, phone cable, power strip, and blank CD/floppies.

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Another really good tool

by bpate In reply to No Tone Generator?!?

Another really good telephone/data tool is an SLT cable tester. It's cheap and tests continuity but you can't beat it for troubleshooting cabling issues and testing your cable after you make one. I also carry a 66/110 punch down tool. I also love dental picks...they are great for getting into small areas to move something...

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What about the humble eraser?

by Ciderick In reply to DOWNLOAD: 10+ tools you s ...

An absolutely essential bit of kit - the standard pencil eraser is invaluable for cleaning contats etc...

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Always have one

by breadtrk In reply to What about the humble era ...

The type used for erasable pens work best.

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