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DOWNLOA 10+ tools you should have in your support tech repair kit

By JodyGilbert ·
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Magnifying Glass

by Too Old For IT In reply to DOWNLOAD: 10+ tools you s ...

... for reading those impossible part numbers. I think that PC card makes obscure them on purpose.

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Strong reading glasses

by samhri In reply to Magnifying Glass

Better than magnify glass.
Frees up your hands.
Lets you see stuff

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gotta have gouda

by sparker In reply to DOWNLOAD: 10+ tools you s ...

I'm a long time tech on everything from TV's to high speed printers to you name it. One of the most important things in my tool bag was gouda cheese! OK, actually it was the heavy red wax that covered the cheese. There were times when you could not use magnetic screwdrivers, so I would keep a ball of wax in my bag to scrape some on the tip of a screwdriver and hold the screw in place while reaching deep inside a cabinet to insert a screw. Worked well with nut drivers too!

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Hmmmm, let me see...

by Good Old Dog In reply to gotta have gouda

what I carry around in my trusty old bright red, plastic, nicely compartmentized tackle-*** professional toolbox.
Jumpers (it's amazing how many times they just mysteriously disappear), Q-tips (really handy for gunked up non-responsive trackball mice rollers), tweezers which are spring loaded closed, cheap cotton gloves (for handling video and sound cards)and the always important anti-static wrist band (most of the computers I see are on or near carpet).
I also keep various fans with me and an assortment of Torx bits ( quite a few of the older proprietary cases use Torx screws for the case and their drives).
All of the normal tools, bits and pieces are in there as well. I've probably left out something important.
Hope this helps.

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other stuff I carry with me.

by fungus-among-us In reply to Hmmmm, let me see...

A Zippered CD case full of OS (especially LIVE linux discs) and utilities (spyware detectors and killbox) CDs. Besides a multimeter, I also carry a Power Supply load tester. A tube of Thermal grease as well as thermal grease/pad cleaner/remover. I recently also added a connector tool kit (by Rosewill). It includes 4 different tools needed to dis/reassemble any connector found in the PC. I also carry two of each type of Data cable (80pin IDE, SATA, & floppy) as well as spare SATA power adapters, Y-splitter power cables and your standard power cable. My laptop (with wireless and RJ45 ethernet) is also an essential tool. Another tool that has recently become essential (although it's on my keychain, not toolkit), is the 4GB USB flash drive. Rather than have anything loaded on it for use, I keep it empty and use it for data backup if the need arises.

Not in my toolkit, but in the trunk of my vehicle, I also lug around: (all known working parts) a 15" Color monitor, an old laser (6p) printer, a 40GB IDE drive, a 40GB SATA drive, a 24x CD-ROM, a floppy drive, a 350 watt power supply, an assortment of RAM (SIMMS, DIMMS, and DDR), an assortment of case fans, USB A-B cables, centronics parallel printer cable, a supply of RJ11 and RJ45 connectors, a spool of telephone wire and a spool of CAT5. When I make service call, I not only feel the need to diagnose the problem, but also feel the need to have the client up and running (if possible) while they wait for their replacement parts (mine are just loaners). Repeat business from my clients, and calls from strangers asking for computer repairs must mean I'm doing something right. (even though my hourly rates are 25-40% higher than all of the local computer shops)

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Right On!!!

by ITPirate In reply to other stuff I carry with ...

The CD case (with DELL recovery CDs and Acronis Backup, et al), my jump drive and external HD are probably my most used tools but I also carry a lot of the same things that you do.

Unfortunately I don't have a car-trunk (I have a truck without a camper shell) to carry all the larger stuff.

You are most definitely a mobile tech like myself.


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CDs and Drive Cables

by Vetch_101 In reply to other stuff I carry with ...

I was going to say - I was amazed no one had mentioned live cds or drive cables...

Live rescue cds are a must! I've got loads of different ones, but Knoppix, BartPE disks, and (if you're willing to go a little to the dark side) Hiren's boot are all indispensible...

Also, a particularly nice bit of kit is one of those USB2 to SATA/3.5IDE/2.5IDE cables...
Basically means you can plug (almost) any of the disks you find into a laptop and pull off the data even if it's a non-booting and fairly dead disk...


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by brian.kronberg In reply to other stuff I carry with ...

- An extra NIC
- a small switch (like a Netgear FS105)

- 15" color with a 17" LCD. Saves gas :)

I always carry a Linksys or Netgear firewall. It is an easy sell after a spyware or virus cleaning.

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Great reply

by mxyodax In reply to other stuff I carry with ...

You gave me many ideas I can implement in my projects.

Thanks for sharing.

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by jkinsinger In reply to DOWNLOAD: 10+ tools you s ...

You should always have masking tape with you in case you have to tape a stuck button in place, or need to tape the door shut on the back of a printer, or just want to tape the users mouth shut so they stop blaming you for their computer being broke.

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