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DOWNLOA 10+ tools you should have in your support tech repair kit

By JodyGilbert ·
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Why use tape?

by DonG43 In reply to tape

That's what the gun is for.

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A must have

by danielwoolsey In reply to DOWNLOAD: 10+ tools you s ...

There is a tool out there that you can use to convert 3.5" / 2.5" / SATA hard drives to USB. This is a must, especially if you want to recover data from a laptop drive. or hook a drive up to a system quickly without opening the case. Find one, buy it, use it, you will love it, you will wonder why you didn't get one sooner.

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by whalesbulfs In reply to DOWNLOAD: 10+ tools you s ...

it says there - paperclip (ofcourse). But WHY? I never ever use paperclip when repairing computer. what for???

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So you can be CLIPPY

by steve In reply to paperclip

The paperclip is good for a number of things, holding wires, fishing small parts out, pulling jumpers, and of course the obligatory admission that you need to reset something, a butter knife won't fit everywhere!!!!

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How about a separate discussion on Software support

by Mississauga99 In reply to DOWNLOAD: 10+ tools you s ...

Hi there - i would love to see a separate discussion on what sort of software support you keep in your kit! For example: spyware detection, backup software, virus removal software. I'd like to know what sort of software diagnostic tools everyone is using.

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More essentials...

by angry_white_male In reply to DOWNLOAD: 10+ tools you s ...

* Ethernet analyzer (check cables, length, pin-outs, connectivity, etc... - doesn't have to be an expensive Fluke unit)
* Probe and toner
* RJ-45 crimp tool
* RJ-45 connectors
* RJ-45 jacks
* Punch tool (66 and 110 blades - or whatever you use at your facility)
* Wire cutters
* Cable strippers
* Box cutter
* Butt-set (lineman's phone set)
* Small spool of cross-connect wire
* USB Flash drive with various utilities loaded on it and room to move files
* DOS network boot disk (or bootable CD or bootable USB flash drive)
* Ethernet crossover cable or adapter
* Ethernet patch cable
* Sharpie markers
* Pen and note pad
* Leatherman type of multi-tool
* #15 Torx drivers or bits (HP and Compaq hardware)
* Nylon zip-ties

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Even more essentials...

by angry_white_male In reply to More essentials...

* ESD protection (wrist strap)
* LED headlamp (looks dorky - but it works)
* Laptop (for you freelancers out there - get an old one on eBay)
* Cell phone
* Walkie-Talkies if you're doing cabling projects - less running around if you have a helper

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All that plus...

by mjlas01 In reply to More essentials...

In addition to those items mentioned, I also have a CD travel case containing Windows CDs (in case need to install on a standalone PC) and a Winternals utility CD that is handy to unlock the Admin account if it's locked out.
For the Ethernet analyzer I found that Fluke's Linkrunner is the best value for the money.

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Travelling Light

by exman In reply to DOWNLOAD: 10+ tools you s ...

While I've got most of the suggested doo-hickeys mentioned, I rarely travel with them. I keep 2 screwdrivers in my briefcase - a normal phillips and a small slot driver. I also have a Swiss army knife, one of those parts-screw-grabbers and a jet drive with all the necessary diagnostic utilities and patches. In the trunk of my car I've got one of those cheap Chinese toolkits, 95% of which I never use (a soldering iron and a chip puller????) and a soft case with 2 or 3 external backup drives.
I've found that
a: Most problems I'm called out for are software issues and any hardware calls are mostly projects, not repairs. If they're repairs, I either just replace the busted part or take the box back to the shop.

I can't take everything in the world with me and if I'm missing even 1 tool or part, Murphy's Law will make it the only part I don't have, so I have to go back to the shop anyway. I find it easier to just make a list of stuff I need while I'm at the site and when I go back to the shop, pick up all of the stuff I need for the job. It's cheaper than owning a panel van full of parts, most of which are never used.

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3 nire esential tools

by wayne In reply to DOWNLOAD: 10+ tools you s ...

You must always have a pocket knife, I use it to cut and trim and also straighten bent pins. In place of nut drivers, I carry a 6" lock jaw pliers. The pliers grabs screws that are in tight and helps turn them.

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