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DOWNLOA 10 things you can do when Windows XP won't boot

By JodyGilbert ·

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Look at Hardware

by daggerhund In reply to DOWNLOAD: 10 things you c ...

I had an encounter with Windows XP blue screening and luckily discovered a loose sound card in its PCI slot. The back end of the card had wiggled out over a period of time. I reseated the card; problem solved.

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Unplug Peripherals

by LstewaN618 In reply to Look at Hardware

WIN XP hanging up with the timer bar continuing to run with lots of disk access - but never getting as far as the desktop.

After recovering to an earlier successful boot (using GoBack Version 4), unplugged all peripherals. After next successful boot, tried replugging one of the peripherals and after using the computer normally followed by a couple of successful reboots, tried plugging in the next peripheral -- but not unplugging the one so far proven to be successful. Repeat above procedure until the problem once more occurs thus naming the guilty device.

Just for interest sake, my first experiece with this identified the USB cable connecting to my digital camera as being the guilty party.

Larry Stewart
Ottawa, Canada

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Unplug HP USB printers with card readers

by Boomslang In reply to Unplug Peripherals

Dell computers in my experience will try to boot off the USB drive device used for the card reader. You start the machine and all you get is a flashing underscore cursor in the top left of the screen. There's probably a change in boot devices in CMOS setup that will prevent this.

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Bless Your Heart!

by susannek In reply to Unplug Peripherals

I was casting around the Web looking for a diagnostic program that would fix the apparent problem on my P4 Compaq EVO. It would not even boot past the Compaq logo - wound up with a black screen with nonproductive blinking cursor. So my laptop and I stumbled on your post, Larry, and just as I was about to give up and reformat the drive, I followed your advice and unplugged everything. Lo and behold, a miracle! My desktop reappeared in all its glory! Thank you, thank you, bless you forever!

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remove mmc cards....

by mtrevino57 In reply to Look at Hardware

Recently experienced my NEW computer hanging up on bootup. Then I noticed the mmc card plugged in the front. DOH!

The PC was trying to boot from MMC card slot(s) located in the front of the machine as they were built in and included in the BIOS boot sequence.

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Missing file

by art In reply to DOWNLOAD: 10 things you c ...

I ran a repair on Windows XP and during the re-installation was asked for "viaagp1.sys". Since it wasn't available I by-passed it and continued with the setup. At the conclusion and re-boot Windows wouldn't display any icons on the screen, only a cursor on a blue background. I assume that the file had something to do with the Radeon 9200 video adaptor. Any suggestions?

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by davemacz In reply to Missing file

That sounds like the AGP driver for your Via motherboard. Look on your motherboard's driver disk or look for the Via 4-in-1 driver file on the web.

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desktop icons or background won't show

by tadlem43 In reply to Missing file

sometimes after a reboot then icons just need to be reset. just right-click anywhere on the desktop which will bring up the display menu. set your desktop picture and/or screensaver and you're ready to go. often we forget the simpliest things! don't go looking for a larger problem than what you might really have! good luck!

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sometimes it's the simple things...

by tadlem43 In reply to desktop icons or backgrou ...

i had a blue screen problem and once i ran a decent (AVG) virus program and cleaned the registry it worked fine. sometimes we go for the harder solutions when a simple one will fix the problem! just a thought!

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sometimes simple fix

by beignets2003 In reply to sometimes it's the simple ...

I have "repaired" a number of pc's with xp by just doing a chkdisk. Sometimes it's a fight to get into safe mode with or without command prompt but it is a simple fix for an errant xp that has no real explanation for an error but just will not start.

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