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DOWNLOA 10 things you should know about troubleshooting a slow PC

By Bill Detwiler Editor ·
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User complaints are minimal when new PCs are rolled out. They start up quick, and programs seem to open in a snap. But over time, users begin to notice that their system is slow or that it hangs up often. While the possibilities for system slowdown are endless, this download identifies 10 common troubleshooting areas you should examine first before you suggest to management that it's time for an upgrade.

Download and review this list:

Join this ongoing discussion and let us know if this download provides helpful information and if there's anything we can do to improve the document's format or content. You can also share you favorite tips and tricks for troubleshooting a slow PC.

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About overheating

by jdclyde In reply to DOWNLOAD: 10 things you s ...

How hot is too hot?

today, scanners that use a laser to check temps are affordable and easy to use.

Using a gage like that, how hot is too hot?

What should a CPU top out at?
What should memory top out at?
What should a video cards CPU top out at?
How about the power supply?

I think another problem is people going over what their power supply can put out or maintain? What do you think and what process do you use to determine the size of supply you use? Or do you even look at this?

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Good question

by antuck In reply to About overheating

How hot is to hot. The problem becomes each chip manufacture has a different max temp for there chips. I found this link that compares AMD and Intel. It is a bit older but gives some ideas.

Most likely you would really need to go to the manufactures web site, or see what documentation came with it, and that should give you the max temps.

Power supplies are another thing that can cause all kinds of headaches. They can sometimes be very difficult to troubleshoot, because when the system powers up you don't think about a power supply being bad. But they can cause all kinds of problems.

I know there was a check list for trying to determine power supply wattage. Unfortunatly, I can't find it now. When I build a new system, I put a 400W or higher power supply in. For now that seems to cover the wattage requirments. I use to think a 300 or 350W was good, but with the faster speeds, more wattage is needed. I also try to get a good power supply. I mainly use Antec cases with there power supplies. There power supplies have been rated pretty good. It is very important to get a decent power supply and not buy one because they are inexpensive.

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70'C is the critical temperature

by abz_2005 In reply to About overheating

above that the data in the cpu registers, ram memory can get corrupted and is not guaranteed anymore,because the leak current of the datacells(tiny capacitors) is very much temperature dependend

greetings from thailand :)

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Temp files

by ozi Eagle In reply to DOWNLOAD: 10 things you s ...

What about the slowdown caused by those squillions of .TMP files?

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If you've used XP

by Neil Higgins In reply to Temp files

what about the number of files stored in the prefetch folder.Look at this after a few months,and add up the total.As already mentioned,along with temp,and not forgetting index.dat,how much junk actually clutters up Windows?

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Temp files

by KiwiRick In reply to Temp files

Not just .tmp files, but the entire contents of the %temp% folder. When this folder fills up, strange things can occur with applications, and it also slows the boot process and general operation of the PC (more so with XP).

Another source of slowness? Celeron PC's running XP being sold by retailers with only 256Mb Ram. Another 256Mb makes a huge difference!

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and 256mb stick is only $60 odd NZ

by person125545 In reply to Temp files

so cheap you'd be a fool not too!And so easy to install (i'm a kiwi too- nelson)

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Temp folder with over 512 files

by culligan In reply to Temp files

If the currently logged in user's temp folder has over 512 files in it there is a noticeable hit to performance. Clearing this instantly improves performance... (without a reboot)

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Often overlooked...

by tim_valley In reply to DOWNLOAD: 10 things you s ...


Another prevalent (and misunderstood) cause for slowness is a corrupted Offline Files Cache, which can cause WinLogon to consume most of the CPU cycles. The fix is usually to manually delete the cache and reboot.

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by DickyDick In reply to Often overlooked...

In the botom ther is an option to clean your cache. I found it handy to put my virtual memory on an other disk (in my case ) Helps to keep C: less fragmented.

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