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DOWNLOA 10 things you should know about troubleshooting a slow PC

By Bill Detwiler Editor ·
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User complaints are minimal when new PCs are rolled out. They start up quick, and programs seem to open in a snap. But over time, users begin to notice that their system is slow or that it hangs up often. While the possibilities for system slowdown are endless, this download identifies 10 common troubleshooting areas you should examine first before you suggest to management that it's time for an upgrade.

Download and review this list:

Join this ongoing discussion and let us know if this download provides helpful information and if there's anything we can do to improve the document's format or content. You can also share you favorite tips and tricks for troubleshooting a slow PC.

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Most have no bearing on PC slow down

by lpiacenz In reply to DOWNLOAD: 10 things you s ...

Most of the points made were good but have no bearing on the title about a PC slowing down over time, rather they reflect sudden changes. For example, memory errors don't affect computer speed but rather cause freezing or outright BSODs. File system in use, one presumes, would be the same as it always was. Not many change their file system on the fly - and then the speed change would be a sudden change. How does the BIOS settings (not changed) or incompatible disk controller affect the PC gradually? Surely it would be an immediately obvious problem or no problem at all?

The one point that was not covered is the user's Local Settings\Temp folder - as it fills up, applications (especially Office apps) spend more and more time fruitlessly reading through the mess of files.

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Dust and wireless networks

by donaldgrobinson In reply to Most have no bearing on P ...

As per jdclyde's remark on overheating, dust buildup in the case can increase temperatures substantially. Some bottled air can take care of that. Also wireless networks can get pretty confused. I signed in on my wireless laptop the other day (I usaully use a hard-wired PC) and I was asked which of five wireless networks I wanted to sign on to. They were all my neighbors! (maybe I can ditch Comcast) 2.6ghz phones also complicate matters on wireless.

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Again, over time

by bjones In reply to Most have no bearing on P ...

I agree, the basis of the article was factors to address for determining whether the PC needed to be replaced. I see one of the major items is a PC that was sold a couple years ago with XP and 128MB of RAM with only a 4GB HD that ran fine then but that was before you downloaded 2 service packs, installed Office 2003 and chose to keep the installation files, and started downloading music and videos.

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I agree!

by culligan In reply to Most have no bearing on P ...

You hit the nail on the head.

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by doogal123 In reply to DOWNLOAD: 10 things you s ...

For a lot of home users, the addition of a lot of 'auto-on' software (icons in the system tray) consume a lot of memory and slow the system down (boot time and problems due to increased paging). Include in this list the addition of a wireless card and it's attendent software.

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Power management in Laptop

by taruntreasure In reply to DOWNLOAD: 10 things you s ...

I have found that my Laptop an intel centrino was slow. The Speed increased significantly when in the power management options i selected always on instead of laptop/portable

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Check for third party "Browsers" and "helpers"

by cschwamb In reply to DOWNLOAD: 10 things you s ...

First off, let me say after servicing thousands of Pc's, I find that Microsoft has been forced to play into the hands of major ISP's like AOL and Yahoo. These third party Browsers, used by AOL, Yahoo, and others, with their associated "spy-ware" and "anti-virus" Software, are little more than hacks. By far more of an issue to end users outside Corp. American than any listed in the story line.
Each time these IPS provided software's are removed, systems begin to respond to the point they can be trouble shoot using real world tools like Spy-Bot. Browsers such as Mozilla are a far better event for the average end user. High speed connection "with out" any software from ISP's should be not just suggested, but required, as with my company, it employee's and it's support customer base. If not used, a recurrence charge for a return trip will be required. When configured as above, not one case in a thousand has required a return visit. The issue seems to be that Yahoo and AOL along with other ISP's allow "certain spammers", with their popups, and worms, who have paid Aol, Yahoo, etc. for their "open ports" allowing entry into the users systems thru their third party browsers. Shut down use of third party browsers and save a customer issue. My complement to the author's, fine list of issues, just not the most common one.

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God bless creators of SPYWARE & VIRUSES...

by techinfos In reply to DOWNLOAD: 10 things you s ...

They give us additional jobs, even sometimes really tough ones...

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This is is very very old lets update it

by inachu In reply to God bless creators of SPY ...

Truth fully I just read the year it was made.
Lets start fresh shall we? Easy to the hardest ones to fix last.
Things that will speed a pc up.

1. Memory (either more or faster clocked)
2. Fresh install of OS
3. Registry cleaners
4. Spyware cleaners
5. Antivirus
6. Putting swap file on second hard drive.
7. New hard drive.

I once did 1-6 and the pc was still slow as a 286. After I replaced the Hard Drive the whole system was quick & smooth as silk. Better than new!
IBM hard drives are known to be the best and least faulty. The worst ones are the ones bought and used as oem part by compaq and HP.

8. installing defrag program to keep fragmentation at a minimum.
9. Keeping the pc cool and clean of dust and pet hair.
10. TLC!!!! regular maintenance will keep your OS tip top shape.

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by Great Gray In reply to DOWNLOAD: 10 things you s ...

My weather progarms got to tell me that I was not connected to the internet (DSL) when I booted. Then I deleted all files in the Prefetch folder and they have been happy since. Also I have worked on computers that a program that had been running fine all the sudden say not enought memory, and emptying the prefectch and rebooting made them run again.

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