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DOWNLOA 13 useless interview questions... and what you should ask instead

By JodyGilbert ·

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Concerning #2

by amcol In reply to Every Day

I don't think folks who define themselves as pure techie only want to buy toys, but I have found that anyone in any professional discipline who thinks of himself/herself as being solely a fill-in-the-blank generally is not in a position to maximize the value they can add to the organization. To do so requires a more well rounded thought process and a mindset for thinking outside the fill-in-the-blank box, to use an overused expression.

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Talk about DUMB questions!!!

by btljooz In reply to Do interviewers really as ...

Most of those are dumb. ALL are just plain deceitful as worded. Why can't you just come out with the DIRECT POINT??? If you want a DIRECT ANSWER then ask a DIRECT Question!!!

>1. What does "consultative mindset" mean to you? (I believe almost every technical professional needs to think and act like a consultant in order to be successful and I like to guage what candidates think that means.)<

Thank you for explaining that This was the ONE question/answer that gave me anything but heartburn!

>2. Are you a technologist or a business person? (Tells me a lot about how the candidate will you want to just play with toys or are you interested in participating in achieving strategic goals and objectives.)<

uuuhhhmmm....why can't a person want to do BOTH?!?!?!???

>3. Tell me about a time when you had to interface with someone difficult to work with. (I ask for specifics...tells me a lot about working style and how the candidate will fit in with established team dynamics.)<

We are all ONLY humans! Yes, it's HOW we handle certain things that counts! That's a no brainer.

>4. What?s your idea of the perfect job? (Indicates how much of a disconnect there might be between the candidate's expectations and the opportunity I'm offering.)<

Do you want the REAL truth or the fantasy you 'just want to hear'???

The REAL truth is one where I can make enough money to survive in this world where I don't have to worry about being fired for ONLY BEING HUMAN!!!

Your fantasies? I don't give a ratz azz about your fantasies! That's the TRUTH!!!

>5. Tell me about an idea you had and how you sold it to your management. (Great guage of initiative and communication ability.)<

DUH!!! THAT'S what an interview is for!!!

>6. What do you want to learn? (Most people flounder with this one because it's out of left field, but it says a lot about how entrenched people get in their own comfort zones...or not.)<


>7. Why do you want this job? (I want to know the candidate has done some research on my organization and wants to contribute to the mission, and isn't just looking for a paycheck or a stepping stone to something else.)<

I don't care about researching your organization you egotist!!! If I didn't want to contribute to your organization in a meaningful manner I wouldn't be applying for the job! And what the #3|| is WRONG with NEEDING a paycheck to survive in this world in the 'Day of the Moneychangers'??? After all, the only reason YOU are in business is for MONEY!!! Why shouldn't your employees expect a share of that??? Your GREED??? NOT!!! And you're ego is yet again affraid of being stepped on by being a 'stepping stone'??? EVERTHING changes...even Mother Earth, herself.

GET down out of that Zergot you've built and join REALITY!!!!

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by AlbanyPMP In reply to DOWNLOAD: 13 useless inte ...

A good start, but there must be many more. I know personnally I have been asked some really stupid ones.

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This is a gem

by squizzy In reply to you have more?

If you were an animal what animal would you be?

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Back in the day

by Too Old For IT In reply to This is a gem

(the late 70's) the hippies who made it into industry still asked the tree question: If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?

My answer? A pine tree from a manged forest, so I would be at least good for something.

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I knew I wasn't crazy

by Victoree In reply to DOWNLOAD: 13 useless inte ...

Well, well, well, now the cover is off for all and sundry to see! So, interviewers are human after all; they don't have all knowledge and they say silly stuff at times. I had a suspicion that some of the stock questions asked in interviews were as useless and misguided as the equally stupid answers I tried to look good giving. It's gamining, isn't it, this interviewing thing...I knew I wasn't crazy! That proves it!

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Legal versions of illegal qs; Reading is fundamental!

by scott.pletcher In reply to I knew I wasn't crazy

It's true that you cannot ask "Have you ever been arrested?" You *can*, however, ask "Have you ever been convicted of a crime?"

Similarly, you cannot ask "How old are you?" but you can ask someone for their birth date (because birth date is needed for proper record keeping).

Finally, the point of the question about "the last book you read" is not whether they like Stephen King or any other author. It's to see if they do read and, perhaps, if they enjoy reading. Tech jobs still *require* a lot of reading. Hiring someone who replies "Oh, I never read", would be a serious error.

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The question is still roundabout ...

by other_native In reply to Legal versions of illegal ...

why not just ASK if they like to read?

All this weaving and bobbing -- interviews seem more like a sparring match or an a$skissing appraisal.

Personally, I find most job interviews demoralizing. Being a 50+ latin-american woman I can get racists comments that range from icy superiority to veiled inappropriate sexual comments.

How did I get my job? I temped; did the job and was asked to come back on a permanent basis. No interview, except to talk salary. Period. It should always be THAT easy to find a job you love and get paid to do it.

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