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DOWNLOA 25 keyboard shortcuts for moving faster in Windows XP

By jasonhiner Moderator ·

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I may be missing something ...

by pkinlin In reply to DOWNLOAD: 25 keyboard sho ...

But isn't the correct key combination for Search for computers:
CTRL+"Windows Logo key"+F?

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Version control

by GregH In reply to DOWNLOAD: 25 keyboard sho ...

It's a pet peeve of mine in testing, but I hate when people try to make a quick correction and re-use the same version control number. You might consider utilizing the version numbering you have in the upper right corner. Or is that just for decoration?

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A basic question

by dumarest In reply to Version control

My answer may be in the postings but... What is that quartered box in the keys mentioned? Someone else mentioned the "windlows logo key" in a message, and I guess that is what it is, but still, this means nothing to me.

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Yes, it's the Windows key ...

by jasonhiner Moderator In reply to A basic question

It's on the left of the Alt key on most keyboards. But it's missing from some keyboards, especially on laptops.

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Handy Article

by wxman2 In reply to DOWNLOAD: 25 keyboard sho ...

Thanks for this great service. I made several copies to pass out to my associates.
As an IT professional I used to think of your site as a resource for job postings. I'll be back for more resources now.
Gary (Weatherman)

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by jkstill In reply to DOWNLOAD: 25 keyboard sho ...

A good addition to this might be ALT + <SPACE> which brings up a window menu.

This of course allows you to move and/or resize the window. This is quite useful when a window pops up off screen due to a resolution change or change from multihead to single monitor as happens with laptops.

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Here's MANY more!

by asmith In reply to DOWNLOAD: 25 keyboard sho ...

Come on, Jason, how can you miss all these?? We all know about Alt-underlined letters, but...


F1: Help

F2: Rename

F5: Refresh

F10: Open the menu


Ctrl-Insert: copy

Shift-Delete: cut

Shift-Insert: paste

LISTS OF NAMED OBJECTS, e.g., files in Explorer

Some letters: move to first object whose name begins with those letters

To the following you can add Shift to select from the current object onward rather than just move:

Home/End: first/last object

PageUp/PageDown: object one screenful back/forward

Arrows: next object in that direction

TREEVIEWS, e.g., the Folder window in Explorer

NumPad +: Expand one level

NumPad -: Collapse one level

NumPad *: expand all levels

Left arrow: Back to parent, another one to collapse it

Right arrow: expand one level, another to move to first child


Alt-hyphen: opens a document window's control box

Ctrl-F4: closes a document window

To the following and also Alt-Tab and Alt-Esc, you can add Shift to cycle backwards:

Ctrl-F6 or Ctrl-Tab: cycles among document windows. Note: In applications like Word with floating dialog boxes like Find/Replace, use Ctrl-Tab to switch between Find/Replace and the active document; use Ctrl-F6 to cycle among documents.

F6: cycle among a document window's panes


Tab: cycles focus among controls -- add shift to cycle backwards

Space: click a button or toggle a checkbox

Alt-Down: drop down a list

Alt-Up: collapse a drop-down

Arrows: choose one radio button in a group

Enter: click the default button, with the darker outline than others, usually OK

Esc: click the Cancel/Close button


Ctrl-Backspace: Delete previous word

Ctrl-Delete: Delete next word or to end of line

Insert: Toggle insert and overwrite modes

To all the following you can add Shift to extend the selection rather than move the cursor:

Home/End: beginning/end of line

Ctrl-Home/End: beginning of text/file

PageUp/PageDown: one screen/page up/down

Ctrl-PageUp/PageDown: to beginning/end of text/file or top/bottom of screen

Up/Down: one line up/down

Ctrl-Up/Down: beginning/end of paragraph

Left/Right: previous/next character

Ctrl-Left/Right: previous/next word

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Or a couple of my favorites...

by theloman In reply to Here's MANY more!

Ctl+Shift+Space - Inserts non-breaking space, keeping word groups together
Ctl+Shift+hypen (or CTL+_) - Inserts a non-breaking hyphen, keeping part no's and hyphenated words togther

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The Lock Computer command doesn't work

by debra.j.gilson In reply to DOWNLOAD: 25 keyboard sho ...

Perhaps there was a keystroke omitted in the Lock Computer command. If somebody knows the correct command, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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by Paul Gowen In reply to The Lock Computer command ...

Windows Key + L

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