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DOWNLOA Assess new employees' computer skills with this evaluation form

By JodyGilbert ·
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After you take a look at this download, please post your feedback, ideas for improvements, or further thoughts on this topic.

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Not bad for a trainee

by Garret` In reply to DOWNLOAD: Assess new empl ...

If you have a new member to the team and you're unsure of thier skills (most trainee's aren't hired because of thier large amounts of IT knowledge, but more on character and ability to learn) and wanted to gauge thier understanding of basic concepts, something like this would be ideal.

Not only do you get insight to thier levels of IT knowledge but also thier written communication skills.

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Small point of clarification

by JodyGilbert In reply to DOWNLOAD: Assess new empl ...

I'm getting the idea from this thread that maybe the purpose of this form has gotten lost in the shuffle. It's not an assessment tool to be used on IT staff members -- it's a way for IT staff members to gauge how well an incoming general employee understands how to use computers. The idea is that it will help techs prepare for the kind of support issues that are likely to come up with users based on how much they know (and don't know) coming into the organization. Just thought maybe that might help clarify things.


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still questionable

by ppg In reply to Small point of clarificat ...

My point still stands. A user will get a very negative view of the support organization if you stick this intrusive form in front of them.

I also don't see what you are going to do differently even if you know support issues are likely to come.

Possibly if you are able to offer training it might have some use. However the format should change to something like:

Do you need training on X
At what level? beginner intermediate advanced

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I agree

by amcol In reply to still questionable

Jody - The posts by ppg are correct. Thinking back on all the organizations I've ever worked for, I can't imagine anyone filling out such a form. You just get hired for a job and you're expected to out yourself in terms of the knowledge you lack? I know that's not the purpose you intended for the form, but that's how it would be perceived.

Also, considering how IT is always taking the rap for poor communications it doesn't send a very good message that the best way IT could come up with to determine your support requirements is to ask you to fill out a form. In my last three organizations I worked with HR to make sure that all new employees started only on Mondays. We created a formal new employee orientation program, one component of which was an IT briefing. Gives IT the chance to have a face to face with everyone new coming into the building, and this type of information can be better obtained in a situation such as that.

Frankly, the only value of the form is as a guideline to IT in terms of the type of information you might want to know. I wouldn't use it as a means of gathering that information.

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I thought this was a tech site

by richard In reply to DOWNLOAD: Assess new empl ...

as far as technical goes, this is not worth the paper it would take to print it.

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