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DOWNLOA Hack Google

By Mark W. Kaelin Editor ·
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Is Google desktop installed on your PC? Are you worried about having too much Google?

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Desktop not installed

by CharlieSpencer In reply to DOWNLOAD: Hack Google

Is Google desktop the same as the toolbar add-in? If so, nope, it isn't, so no, I'm not.

Google is my home page, so one click on the "Home" icon takes me there. Firefox does a pretty good job of blocking the pop-ups. I didn't really see the toolbar doing much for me. Maybe I just don't know what it does besides give me a search box at the top of my browser. I'll read the article and see if I'm missing anything.

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I see I was wrong

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Desktop not installed

I mistook Google Desktop for the Google toolbar plug-in for browsers. Desktop appears to bring Google's search functionality to my local data.

After looking at it, I still don't plan to use it. I'm one of those ****-retetive types who keeps his files and e-mail pretty organized. It's probably a hold over from the days when a 20Mb hard drive cost several hundred dollars.

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by master3bs In reply to I see I was wrong

I still remember wondering, "why would I ever need a 20MB hard drive?"

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How will we ever fill it!

by Geezah In reply to I see I was wrong

I remember when we bought a Macintosh SE to replace the 'ole Commadore 64, (er... 38 after the opsys loaded)it had a 20 mb HD and we woundered if we'ed ever use that much space. Now She's got a G4 tower and I've got a HomeBuilt, we both have the same drives at the moment. Seagate 'cuddas, an 80gb and a 160gb & we're runnin low already! But I got 2 more IDE headers and 4 SATA ports empty at the moment.


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Google's installed software too buggy

by tomb In reply to DOWNLOAD: Hack Google

I have installed both the Google desktop and the toolbar, and uninstalled them. Desktop just consumes WAY too many resources, having a similar effect to when you first install a virus scanner on a pristine machine, only worse. The toolbar is a known cause of crashes in Firefox, and uninstalling it make firefox run much better.

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