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DOWNLOA Identify/React Chart: Sober.P

By Bill Detwiler Editor ·
I suspected a new virus was loose this morning. My inbox contained hundreds more virus-infected e-mails than normal and the messages were all similar. After shifting through the messages, I noticed an alert for the Sober.P virus. My suspicions were confirmed.

The Sober.P mass-mailing worm uses its own SMTP engine to spread as an e-mail attachment, usually with a .zip extension. TechRepublic's Identify/React chart for Sober.P puts critical information for identifying and removing the virus right at your fingertips.

Download and review the chart:

Then, use this discussion thread to share your experiences fighting the Sober.P worm. Did your AV software remove the virus before it reached end users? When did you first learn of the outbreak?

Also, let us know if our Identify/React Chart: Sober.P provides helpful information and if there's anything we can do to improve the document's format or content.

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AVG & Zone Alarm #1

by spadata In reply to DOWNLOAD: Identify/React ...

My combination of AVG anti virus, Zone Alarm, with a little help from AdAware, Spybot Search & Destroy, and a must have add-on - SpyWareBlaster ...

I have had NO VIRUSES / TROJANS / ETC for 4 years

But as a precaution - there is nothing that can save a computer from "Operator Malfunction" when you click on that link that immediately begins loading a program - If you are at a web site that has all the links in java or other code designed for stealth where you cannot see the actual link, LEAVE!

If you see a pop-up that has NO window exit at the upper right (can be spoofed also) ... NEVER click on the "close" button - that will be the INSTALL command. Windows Alt-Ctrl-Del (win xp) and "End Task" on the pop up (will also close IE)

This is for the newbies that have yet to come across some of these criminal methods.

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What a coincidence

by _Christian_ In reply to AVG & Zone Alarm #1

Hey, I have the same config and I am clean, too :-)

Shame that Zone Alarm does not recognize AVG...

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