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DOWNLOA Network cabling tips and tricks

By Bill Detwiler Editor ·
Category 5/5e cable is the most common cabling system for networks today. Our Anatomy of CAT5 cable quick-reference chart provides essential information for those who work with CAT5 and CAT5e cable.

Check out the download:

Running network cable in old or large buildings can be a real challenge. Do you have a handy tip for quickly running cable?

Also, let us know if our Anatomy of CAT5 cable reference provided helpful information and if there's anything we can do to improve the document's format.

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Bike flag

by glenn In reply to DOWNLOAD: Network cabling ...

I use a bike flag to pull across ceilings and to feed wire through holes in walls. The're flexible as the're made of fiberglass but also staiten up goood for strait runs. You can also tape them together for long runs.

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I was talking to a colleague of mine and was telling him about some of the network cabling tricks that are in this thread.

As I was talking, he got this Sh!t eating grin on his face, reached into his toolbox, and pulled out a CableCaster.

It's basically a high-powered dartgun with a fishing reel attached to it. It even has a mount for a Maglite flashlite. Coolest tool I've ever seen!

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Cablecaster redux

by jbaker In reply to CableCaster

Great tool, if you are running cable in a large open area over a drop ceiling. However, if there are obstructions, it becomes a major pain in the rear. I personally use the "Fish Sticks" Fibreglass poles (in four or six foot lengths)that screw together up to a max length of 20 or more feet....flexible enough to go around bends, through walls, whatever, but stiff enough to get the job done.

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great toy,

by cable-eno1987 In reply to CableCaster

worth the money? maybe. I only played with it a couple times, as the rest of the ceiling was so crowded with furnace and vent obstacles... glowrods were more effective.

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by jdclyde In reply to DOWNLOAD: Network cabling ...

They have the Super balls that are about 2 to 3 inches. Drill a hole through it and tie a cord through the hole.

Open the ceiling at each end and throw the ball to someone at the other end and use that as a pull line. Keeps you from having to take out every other tile in the ceiling.

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Radioshack RC cars

by jgiacobbe In reply to Use a SUPER BALL

I knew a guy who tied cable to the back of a radioshack RC car and drove it across a drop ceiling. He said the only time you had to pull a tile other than at the ends was when you got stuck on ducting.


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by cable-eno1987 In reply to Use a SUPER BALL

a wristrocket or 'slingshot' works more accurately. play.

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Outsource / maintenance dept

by angry_white_male In reply to DOWNLOAD: Network cabling ...

Given that the area above the drop ceiling is really the cold-air return plenum for many office building HVAC systems, there's some pretty nasty stuff up there.

I've done enough time crawling through ceilings running CAT5 to know that's not a job I'd want to do again.

Best to outsource it to a local telecom company or the building maintenance dept (especially if they're in a union and "own" the job).

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