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DOWNLOA Performance review template: Peer feedback

By JodyGilbert ·

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I hate it

by innocent_bystander In reply to DOWNLOAD: Performance rev ...

I absolutely despise the idea of having to go to co-workers and ask them to review my performance under any circumstances. I have no objection to the boss calling them in and asking them anything he wants and having them give frank answers - he knows who I work with.

But it's completely distasteful to ask an employee to pick who will review them and to place that responsibiltiy on the co-worker.

This is the kind of crap that makes me hate HR departments. They have to do enough nonsense just to conform to government regulations. Now this.

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Why do you like it?

by innocent_bystander In reply to I hate it

I notice that this article has 4.5 stars, but I posted the only comment which was completely negative. If you people like this so much, why no positive comments. My assumption is you know it's crap, but as managers you can just thrust the review responsibilities on the employee and his peers, then summarize. I've been an employee and I've been a contractor for many years, so I think I know crap in the office place when I see it. Tell me why I'm wrong.

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I absolutely agree with you...

by fmbanker In reply to Why do you like it?

I would never go to a colleague and ask him/her to review matter how well I get along with the them.

And for that matter I wouldn't expect any employee ask me to review them.

Having said that, if the staff directly under me is asked to do my superior, of course...I wouldn't mind!

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Tell me why this is not employee exploitation

by innocent_bystander In reply to DOWNLOAD: Performance rev ...

I'm going to keep posting on this until I get more response or they kick me off. So far I have one person that agrees with me, but no one willing to attempt to justify this kind of exploitation.

Employees have deadlines that are usually unreasonable. Now you're asking them to take more time away from that. Employees who get along well with others will be overloaded with review requests. So by making an effort to get along well with people who may not be all that competent, they are loaded with the responsibility of reviewing them.

Why is it impossible to just do a good job and let that speak for itself? Employees should be advised what they will be reviewed on, given a form to fill out and rate themselves if they choose to do so, and get comments from fellow employees, if they choose to do so. The review should be face-to-face with the employee and the employee should be allowed to forego the review if he in fact does want to let his work speak for him.

To reiterate, my boss knows who I work with. I have no problem with him asking any questions he wants of them. But that's his job, not mine, and in my opinion this is the kind of HR imposed nonsense that decreases overall workplace satisfaction.

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Proves My Point

by innocent_bystander In reply to DOWNLOAD: Performance rev ...

1325 downloads and no one will make a positive comment. Typical HR mentality.

I once did some contracting for a well-known food processing company. HR held an all-day meeting of all the IT staff at Knott's Berry Farm. In the totally pointless meeting I thought I heard this kind of proposal about getting peer reviews but I thought I had heard wrong. People who already can't meet their deadlines lose a whole day so they can learn how their productive time will be further eroded. But I guess it's true.

Oh yeah, a big point of the meeting was how all the employees were a big family. About three months later when the bottom line dropped a fraction of a percent they started 86'ing family members left and right.

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It's a great TEMPLATE

by will In reply to Proves My Point

It seems you haven't actually once commented on the actual peer review template itself. Your biggest issue is with the sample cover letter. The instructions even say you can have the employee do it or do it yourself and gather the information (which is exactly what I intend to do). I just saved myself the time of having to build a survey and I can write up a cover letter to send to people to do the review myself. It's called a template for a reason, you take it, use what you want, change what you don't like, etc. I think the survey itself is perfect and exactly what I was looking for. Our company is fairly small and less formal in our communications, so I don't even need a cover letter. I agree with you and would never make my employees ask for their own reviews, but that doesn't make this survey bad.

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by chouchoukitty In reply to DOWNLOAD: Performance rev ...

I LOVE it!

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