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DOWNLOA Six ways to shoot yourself in the foot during an IT job interview

By JodyGilbert ·

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Thank you's are not tricky

by Industrial_Controller In reply to Follow-up/Thank You's

I can't believe all the excuses for not sending a thank you. It is common courtesy. If your interviewer is offended by getting a thank you note, you do not want to work for them. It keeps your name in front of people and mindshare is huge in getting hired. The more they see your name/face, the more likely you are to get considered. For the people I have interviewed, a thank you is always a positive.

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Well I think it would

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Thank you's are not trick ...

be considered overly familiar in the UK.
I did try it as a company (Tony Hopkinson PLC) but when I got my feedback off the pimp, I found that the guys who interviewed me were made uncomfortable by it, so I stopped.
Cultural thing maybe.

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by j.lupo In reply to Well I think it would

I am not sure it is cultural. I think it depends on the job, the level at the company, and the amount of e-mail the person receives. I have learned to read my interviewers to determine if they want a thank-you or not. I can tell you, that lately the answer is NOT. Not by snail mail, and certainly not by e-mail.

If I can determine that they would be open to it, then I send a thank-you. For example, the position I have now, when I was interviewed for it, the manager handed me his business card with all needed information without me asking for it. He closed the interview by giving it to me. That is a really BIG sign that they want you to contact them with a thank you.

Now I am interviewing because my current position is contract and is ending. During one interview (phone), the people (yes group phone interview using speaker phone on their end) did not provide any information that would allow me to send a thank you. Even with carefully worded requests for information, they didn't want it.

So, the overall rule of thumb is "It Depends" :)

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Well, DUUUH!

by mtaylor In reply to DOWNLOAD: Six ways to sho ...

Yeh, while most of these seem to be obvious, unfortunately some of these do happen. I think that the best thing for any good geek to remember is that gret line from Star Wars: "Great, kid! Don't get cocky!" We may think that we know it all and are the greatest thing since 802.1x wireless, but we have to remember that we are only "that guy in the interview that needs to prove that he's an asset without proving that he's also an ***."

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Well said

by Super_IT_Mom In reply to Well, DUUUH!

Very well said! The whole, "I'm great and you should know this" attitude has got to go. The person who is interviewing you does not know you at all, so you have to prove yourself. Besides, no one likes to talk to anyone who portrays themself as better than you.

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Stop the downloads!!!

by chriswfl In reply to DOWNLOAD: Six ways to sho ...

Just publish the document in HTML. Knock it off with forcing a download!

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by doulos8 In reply to Stop the downloads!!!

The time it takes to download is not worth it for an article I just want to glance at. Tech Republic, you are getting out of hand with these downloads.

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Nothing new here

by cln In reply to Stop the downloads!!!

I didn't gain anything new or read anything that isn't simply common sense, from this article, although I know strange and unexpected things do occur in interviews. Answering a cell phone? That would definitely put someone OFF!
As far as thank you/follow up notes, I received one once, and didn't quite know what to make of it. It seems almost like "sucking up" to me. Being polite is very important, however I don't see a thank you note as necessary or helpful. Of course the person took the time to interview you, they're trying to fill the position! Anyone else - are you influenced by thank you notes?

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Open instead of download

by john In reply to Stop the downloads!!!

When the download screen appears, I immediately click on the button "click here if download does not begin right away." This opens the pdf from an html page and does not download it to the local machine, so I can read it and move on.

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what is this downloading crap???

by rocket_scientist In reply to DOWNLOAD: Six ways to sho ...

This is such crap. Tech Republic, all you are sending out in this is text...there is no reason not to put this in a web page we can LINK to instead of having to clutter up my desktop with another useless file from you

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