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DOWNLOA Six ways to shoot yourself in the foot during an IT job interview

By JodyGilbert ·

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It will better with HTML Text

by Jcomputech In reply to what is this downloading ...

I am completely with this good article, but I don't see why someone have to download it. tech republic could leave on the site. this is a really sucks download

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Good article/Stop all the downloading

by sra107 In reply to DOWNLOAD: Six ways to sho ...

I enjoyed reading your article and laughed when I read item five. I can only imagine that there are people out there that actually answer their cell phones during an interview and still wonder why they didn't get the job.

Also, please try another method of downloading, why not try a hyperlink, by the time I get through all the screens (not just with this article, but others) I'm ready to close out and take a nap.

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All this is true, unfortunately ...

by mentzel.iudith In reply to DOWNLOAD: Six ways to sho ...

Everything written in the article is very true,
I'd say unfortunately ...
People should behave in hypocritical way to get
a job nowadays ...
I agree that it's not ok to speak about money,
I always thought that first of all you should
demonstrate what you are worthy of, but afterwards
you will be generally forgotten, while others are
promoted, in spite of their lower value, just
because they know to raise their pretentions ...

It makes no sense to behave in conformity with
any real values and principles, as long as you
are not sure that those are also the values of
the person(s) you are talking to ...

I once complained about a person in some high position who systematically does not respond to greeting, and I'd have expected him to be thrown out of his position... Well, he was not !!!

But this taught me a lot about the one to which
the complain was addressed ...

Best regards,

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by IT_Giraffe In reply to DOWNLOAD: Six ways to sho ...

I interviewed someone once where they proceeded to tell me the special requirements regarding leave that they would need as they had children. They HAD to have the summer holidays, easter holidays, christmas off and also there could be times when the kids where sick when she could not come in!
As a woman in IT I know it's difficult to try and balance work and family demands .. but TELLING me that she had to have these special arrangements at the first interview was the reason she never got a call back, and her agent had an 'interesting' phone call from me afterwards... well that and she tried to keep showing me pictures of her kids during the interview and kept on telling me how bright they were!
The most interesting thing of all is that I have other staff with kids and they never asked for any extra consideration in these sorts of matters!

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Yes, but . . .

by apotheon In reply to Classic..

I think the very best part of your post might be your icon. That is great.

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Sad but true

by sorincom In reply to Classic..

Sadly, the only "right" we really have is to pay taxes. And to work for the big bosses. Personal life ? Who the **** cares ?

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I bet she is flipping burgers at McDonalds now

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Classic..

Anyone in I.T. knows that when the job demands it, you must make personal sacrifices to get the job done. I recall working on weekends to get everything prepared for Y2K and spending half a year working on every weekend to migrate our system to a consolidated clustered environment. If this woman is going to complain and make assinine demands, especially on a first interview, then she is in the wrong line of work and should consider looking for a new career objective. Yes, we all value our time and personal lives, but you don't go to a first interview and start laying down your demands as if you are their boss. Anyone this stupid and arrogant to do such deserved to be flipping burgers or working the drive-thru window, not working in IT.

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just wondering

by sorincom In reply to I bet she is flipping bur ...

I am just wondering: should everybody pay enough attention to his personal life, would this be considered stupid anymore? Isn't workoholism slave philosophy?

After all, what's really important to us: the lousy programs we wrote, the people we tricked to buy something tey don't need at all, the fake congratulations of our bosses, our kids, people we love and see twice a year, what?

The first is about power, the second is about love.

One more question: are powerful man really powerful? Who's really in charge? Them or the system? Saw enough people thinking today they're god and completely f***d tomorrow. I call those "gods" slaves of the system.

I'm NOT a bigote. Just observing.

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. . .

by apotheon In reply to just wondering

One simply should not expect to be hired if one goes into an interview dictating terms when there are so many people looking for work who are probably better qualified and happy with the terms the company offers.

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Are you sure?

by f-695116 In reply to just wondering

How do you know you're not a bigot, since you can't even spell it? <grin>

But, seriously, some of us do love our jobs. I LIKE writing programs and do have a lot of loyalty to the companies I have worked for and dedication to getting the jobs done and doing them well. It is all well and good to say that your first priority should be your family, but how can you take care of your family unless your job is secure?

People who have loyalty and dedication, along with good skills, never have to worry about saying "Boss, I have a family emergency and need a few days off", or even "Boss, with all respect, I think you are wrong". The reason is that you have made yourself so valuable to the company that they are willing to bend for you when necessary.


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