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DOWNLOA Six ways to shoot yourself in the foot during an IT job interview

By JodyGilbert ·

After you take a look at this download, please post your feedback, ideas for improvements, or further thoughts on this topic.

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wasn't this about hiring ?

by sorincom In reply to Are you sure?

Hi Ross,

"The reason is that you have made yourself so valuable to the company that they are willing to bend for you when necessary." - I totally agree but, of course, you should first be employed to get there.

It's true that top-notch professionals tend to put the career before personal life, it's how they get to be good.

I just find it unfair to say: "You care about your life so we just can't hire you."

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What's the alternative?

by apotheon In reply to wasn't this about hiring ...

Do you expect an employer to hire someone less dedicated to the job just because it's "not fair" to turn you down if you demand lots of free time at your interview?

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Balancing act

by j.lupo In reply to What's the alternative?

I think it is a balancing act between work and personal life. The alternative (at least to me) is for companies to make it clear in the interview what the expectation is. I know that one of the questions I generally ask is "So, can you tell me what a typical work week/day is like here?" This provides an opportunity to find out if I am expected to work 60+ hours per weak or 35 hours per week.

I think both Interviewers and Interviewees need to improve their skills to find win-win situations in the hiring process. Just my 2 cents opinion. :)

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by apotheon In reply to What's the alternative?

I can definitely agree with that: better communication would be nice. The problem is that everyone's trying to get the most for the least, and often they're willing to screw each other over to get it, so each side is understandably wary of giving up any information.

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by sorincom In reply to What's the alternative?


And that's because even job seekers expect to be mistreated. Just look at this thread.

But, as I said before, should everybody pay enough attention to his personal life (even HR managers), something might change.

To respond to your question, at his very least somebody could stop thinking as the system dictates and start using his own brain.

Oh, you said "less dedicated". I happen to know somebody (not me! ) VERY dedicated and VERY efficient at work. Nonetheless, she takes good care of our kid.

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balance family and job

by apotheon In reply to What's the alternative?

It's great that she's doing such a great job of balancing the two worlds. I bet she didn't get the job by acting like privileged royalty the way IT Giraffe's example did.

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About the download format

by JodyGilbert In reply to DOWNLOAD: Six ways to sho ...

Thanks to everyone who has weighed in on the virtues (or lack thereof) of publishing this type of content as a download. We've been wrestling with our choice of format/presentation/delivery case-by-case, trying to find the best medium for each type of information... and maybe this is a case where the info would be easier to consume as HTML.

The thing is, we've heard from a lot of people who have asked for downloads because they prefer to print them or save them for later or distribute them to their staff as handouts, etc., so that's why we've started taking that route more often.

Anyway, I wanted to let you know our rationale for the download format -- and also to thank you for the feedback.

Jody Gilbert
TechRepublic Downloads Team

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by apotheon In reply to About the download format

I know that this may be a bit more work than you'd really like, but perhaps the best answer is, when in doubt, to make something available as both an HTML article and a PDF download for easy printing. Open up with the article, and include a link to the PDF download in the takeaway summary.

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PDF ****

by Industrial_Controller In reply to About the download format

I have been sent to PDF **** enough times that I avoid downloads whenever possible. If your article is only available as a download I usually skip it because I have to waste time with the process. Do make it available as an html as well as a download and you will get more participants.

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I'd say probably say the best way is...

by jck In reply to DOWNLOAD: Six ways to sho ...

Walk in and when they ask how your trip was, say:

"What a crock of s*** the traffic to this s***ty a** place is! This better be damn well worth my f***ing time or I'm gonna s*** a cow before I leave this f***ing cess pool!"

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