download text msg database from Samsung SCH a990 (Verizon) cell phone?

By dlynwild1 ·
PLEASE HELP!!! I need to transfer the text messages, INCLUDING the header data (eg., date, time sent, recipients, delivery status, etc) from my Samsung sch-A990 Verizon cell phone, either to my pc, a disk or to a replacement A990 handset.

Flash broke on phone & am getting a replacement under the warranty; Verizon store folks cannot transfer my text messages to the new phone. About 30 text msgs sent during a business transaction, now have issues in dispute; msgs document critical correspondence & will be needed if legal action occurs.

Spoke at length w/Verizon cust support; only way they will retrieve the text msgs & associated data, is if I have a subpeona requiring them to perform the service. I cannot get a subpeona right now; legal action may be months away. I have 10 days to return the phone or will be charged for it. I offered to send the handset & to pay for data retrieval; they will not do it.

Have checked Handango, DataPilot & Mobile Action; none provide software for downloading the text msg database from A990 handset. Tried forwarding a few text msgs to email, but they lose the header data enroute.

Don't know where else to turn for help - would be grateful for any suggestions. Thanks much!

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by ThumbsUp2 In reply to download text msg databas ...

I guess it comes down to answering one question.

How much is the data on the phone worth to you. Is it worth the cost of keeping the phone and waiting for the subpeona?

I could also ask the obvious, but you're probably kicking yourself hard enough as it is.

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by dlynwild1 In reply to hmmmmm....

... actually I've pondered both of your astute questions! I may end up swallowing the cost of the phone... and yea, I cc'd myself on some of the text msgs but not all of the ones I'd like to keep... arrggghhh!!

The TechRepublic community is my last ditch hope that maybe there's some third-party software or other mechanism out there that can somehow access the data off the handset.

Thanks for responding.

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Have you tried...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to download text msg databas ...

Copying the messages into the phone's TransFlash card?

You could then, maybe, use the card to transfer the data or -better still- keep it secure on the card, to load back into your replacement phone....

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can't move data from SIM to memory card

by dlynwild1 In reply to Have you tried...

Unfortunately, although Verizon's software in the handset has options for moving PIX and FLIX from the handset memory (SIM ??) to the Micro SanDisk card, it doesn't provide the option to move or store the text msg data to the card.

I think that Verizon could easily provide a software upgrade to allow users to do this; its available for some of their other phones. The a990's software has alot of functions that are unusable only because Verizon hasn't enabled them in the handset.

For example, I recently discovered that the Contacts database has about 75 fields in it, but the handset's software only lets you use about 12 of them. I used a third-party software (Mobile Action Handset Mgr.) to download it to my PC and was surprised at how big it was!

I chose this phone because in addition to a built-in CDMA modem and web-data capabilities, it has a 3.2 MP camera that I use almost daily for documentation and PIX messaging; the videocam resolution is lousy but is very useful for audio recording in meetings ... yea, I could carry a separate camera but that phone is always in my back pocket; I've used its macro setting for ultra-closeups, from electrical wiring diagrams on construction sites, to plant and insect observations in the field (for later ID keys).

I just wish I'd realized that Verizon won't transfer text (or PIX) msg data along with all the other stuff it transfers when you change phones..... buyer beware...

Thanks for responding.

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Verison, and text msg!! Is BS

by mickyfxstc01 In reply to download text msg databas ...

I broke my phone and got another, ie, insurance on handset! Assurion! not verison!
When I checked the new phone there were no msgs!! I asked about getting my msgs loaded !! They said they couldnt do it! I SAID WHAT??? you got everything else why not the msgs!! When my contract comes up I am going to another provider. I have been with verison since '96. And they must not appreciate my business!!
Guess they are too big now.
I use to be able to send msgs from my hotmail calander but now I can not find it with the new face msn now has!! I wish they would just leave well enough alone!!Big
companies just dont care about the little guy anymore.

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