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Downside of strong employment, and a job opportunity too

By Oz_Media ·
Most people in Canada and some in the US know that Alberta is one of eh most prosperous and successful provinces in Canadian history. They actually show a budget surplus each year ad have started issuing cheques to residents to pay back overpayments.

There is NO sales tax, it is one of the most beautiful provinces in Canada, the people are great and there's lots to do.

Alberta is a great place to work, there is unsurmountable opportunity for BIG BIG money to be made there too. The oil sands are hiring in a frenzy, thanks to our gluttonous American neighbours who demand more oil, and natural gas, exploration etc. are simply booming industries. Alberta is a great place for people to choose a path and succeed at it.

There is a tragic downside to all this though; IT companies can't service their clients as they are short of staff. People runni gIT companies are working ridiculous and unhealthy hours as they are so short staffed. KFC closed for a week due to a staff shortage. 7-11 stores can't find staff, fast food places are closing or offering drive through only due to a shortage of staff.

So while everyone seems to think that it is a cakewalk in Alberta, for an employer it s a nightmare, they have no staff!!!!

So, anyone who is sick of the US administration (better make that, 'anyone, with the exception of the few who are in favour of the US administration')can look to Alberta for many things, wildlife, a gorgeous province, no sales tax and employment opportunities EVERYWHERE!!!

I didn't realize such a prosperous province woul dbe having such issues.

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by Jaqui In reply to Downside of strong employ ...

move to the landlocked flatland full of rednecks?

Actually, it's getting that way here as well, apparently even McDonalds is paying better than minimum wage in order to get people to work for them out here. The construction industry is screaming for bodies, they are 2 years behind in the work needed for the 2010 winter games. I can't go buy a coffee and smokes without being asked if I want a job.

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Not so much in Toronto

by JamesRL In reply to what?!?!

Things are growing here but there are 100,000 immigrants moving in every year, keeping the lid on it. The vacancy rate is still pretty good because apartment dwellers are buying condos. Single family homes in Toronto are not in reach for most, so they move to the burbs(like I did).


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It' sgreat here too I know

by Oz_Media In reply to what?!?!

I have ALWAYS said BC is great fo remployment, we have such a cool province, nobody wants to work though. It's really hard to stay insde on days like today when you know you could be jet skiing, sailing, tanning, playing golf or anything else your heart desires.

Look North, Fort St.John for example, and the plants are screaming for tradesworkers at great salary.

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"...anyone who is sick of the US administration..."

by maxwell edison In reply to Downside of strong employ ...

Let me expand on that.

Anyone who lets ANY administration affect their lives, anyone who lets ANY administration affect their outlook on life, and anyone who thinks ANY administration can somehow impede their road to success, is an idiot.

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You're right

by Oz_Media In reply to "...anyone who is sick of ...

So we shoul dsee a grteat influx of immigrants from the US then. LOL

I was just having fun, no Bush bashing or anything. I did enjoy the first post though, some people are just too proud for their own good.

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by The Admiral In reply to Downside of strong employ ...

You say: "There is a tragic downside to all this though; IT companies can't service their clients as they are short of staff."

There are two reasons that I can think of for this:

1. They pay them less than a wage to pay their phone bill or taxes, and want them to work for 60 hours without so much as a Thanks. (Who can live on less than the cost of rent?)

2. They pissed off enough people where they have alientated them. They did the "IT is not important" thing, causing a cascade of people running from the career by cutting their pay every 8-12 months by 5%.

If you want people in those positions, you have to get the owners of the companies to start thinking of how they are going to sweeten the career field for where they want to hire, since worldwide, they have poured vinegar in the Peanut Butter.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Wellll....

Neither, I know them personally. Very good employers, GREAT people to work for and the money is usually pretty good here.

It's just that there are SO many choices for work and there are only so many people in the province. Canada is nowhere NEAR as densly populated as the USA, there is more employment than people in many cases.

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a question...

by heml0ck In reply to Wellll....

Milord admiral sir....
have you ever BEEN to alberta?

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by Oz_Media In reply to a question...

They haven't built a rocket that will get them there yet.

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been there...

by heml0ck In reply to Downside of strong employ ...

it isn't the province, it's the culture.....
Well no that's not fair....
It's the government.... well no that's not fair...
It's.... It's.... It's....
i dunno what it is but you couldn't make me live in Alberta.... Sask, maybe.... BC, fer shur! ( I like port hardy too!)
Ontario? well I'm here, and the wife won't let me leave...
Quebec? Parlez-vous francais? Un petit peu...
The maritimes? absolutely, but i don't think my liver could handle it....
Manitoba? born there....

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