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Downside of strong employment, and a job opportunity too

By Oz_Media ·
Most people in Canada and some in the US know that Alberta is one of eh most prosperous and successful provinces in Canadian history. They actually show a budget surplus each year ad have started issuing cheques to residents to pay back overpayments.

There is NO sales tax, it is one of the most beautiful provinces in Canada, the people are great and there's lots to do.

Alberta is a great place to work, there is unsurmountable opportunity for BIG BIG money to be made there too. The oil sands are hiring in a frenzy, thanks to our gluttonous American neighbours who demand more oil, and natural gas, exploration etc. are simply booming industries. Alberta is a great place for people to choose a path and succeed at it.

There is a tragic downside to all this though; IT companies can't service their clients as they are short of staff. People runni gIT companies are working ridiculous and unhealthy hours as they are so short staffed. KFC closed for a week due to a staff shortage. 7-11 stores can't find staff, fast food places are closing or offering drive through only due to a shortage of staff.

So while everyone seems to think that it is a cakewalk in Alberta, for an employer it s a nightmare, they have no staff!!!!

So, anyone who is sick of the US administration (better make that, 'anyone, with the exception of the few who are in favour of the US administration')can look to Alberta for many things, wildlife, a gorgeous province, no sales tax and employment opportunities EVERYWHERE!!!

I didn't realize such a prosperous province woul dbe having such issues.

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by Oz_Media In reply to been there...

Other than the Maritimes (I lived in NS for a while)I would take Alberta if I wasn't in BC.

People in NS are simply the most incredible people I've ever met. No doot aboot it!

But Alberta has the wildlife, mountains and lakes that I have grown accustomed to.

Port Hardy? Miss it something fierce, right now I woul dbe walking down to the water for a mocha and a chat with friends. Loved it there.

But then my heart is in England, family, friends, work etc. all there for me, but I'm busy being spoiled by the wonders here and can't drag myself away from Beautiful British Columbia.

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NS... I was in Halifax for 9 mos...

by heml0ck In reply to Hmm

back in '**... There is something insidious in $.75 draught...
You think that $20 will do it for the night and wind up blowing your paycheck!
Great people tho! Only ones nicer I ever met were in smalltown Georgia! and the ladies! Musta been sumpin in da water!

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by Bob in Calgary In reply to been there...

OK So what's so bad about Alberta?

I live here and love the place so I would like to know your views. What part did you visit?

Oz. Just got back from 10 days in BC Just North of Balfour, I think that place stopped in 1969 had a great time and If I didn't live in Alberta I'd move to BC in a heart beat I'll leave Vancouver for Jacqui.

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by heml0ck In reply to ???????????

In a former life I was the crew chief for a hypnotism show... (yes, it really works! :))
I've been across canada more than 23 times and have been in some of the most out-of-the way places...
I don't know what it is, but Alberta never appealed to me in the same way as smalltown sask, or buttfluff manitoba.....
I can't say why, but there it is.....

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don't get me wrong!

by heml0ck In reply to honestly?

i like Albertans! in fact there was this one....

There is a lot to recommend Alberta, mostly to my mind the people.
My wife and I are planning our (first) major family trip to Alberta next summer... Brooks, Drumheller, and the Stampede!
what can be better than Dinosaurs and Cowboys!?

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Have a blast

by Bob in Calgary In reply to don't get me wrong!

The stampede can be way too much fun and Drum is a really cool place to visit.

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Do Banff and Lake Louise too

by Oz_Media In reply to don't get me wrong!

Even in the summertime, they are both breathtaking.

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by Bob in Calgary In reply to honestly?

To each their own... My experience of Ontario was Sarnia for three months and Toronto and Ottawa personally I live south west of Calgary in Black Diamond which is in the foothills so not really bald a$$ prairie that most associate with the province.

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I've never thought of Alberta as a prarie.

by Oz_Media In reply to OK

Sakatchewan, now there's a place for you. You can drive for days and if the wheat fields weren't blurring by the window you'd swear you hadn't moved. LOL

From the air it's hilarious, at night you can see a house, then another house, than a gas station, then a house then you're over Alberta (or Manitoba depending on which way you're flying of course).

Alberta I have always thought of as lush and mountainous, though I have mainly been West and north there so there's always the rockies. With the exception of Kananaskis (flat as a pancake with hail like golf balls, then sunny, then windy, then sunny, then hail....all before noon.)

As I've always said though, if it wasn't for BC, I'd be in Alberta.....but I still have to have a little UK in teh mix somewhere.

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sounds like ....

by heml0ck In reply to OK

you just seen the worst of southern Ontario.
The outlaws and my old man live in the Big Smoke, and I'd rather not go iff'n I can avoid it.
Me, I like to play either near Point Pelee, or north of Barrie. Yes, you got jackass yuppies either way, but it is so much fun watching them deal with poison ivy used as TP.
Souther AB, near Fernie and the like, is soooo different from the rest of the province. I'd never get anything done in either the Alberta foothills or the BC rockies.... I'd spend all my time and money taking pictures of the mountains!
I spent a week in Smithers one fall.... wow, what a beautiful place.... If I had the money, that's where I'd be....

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