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Drag/drop msgs from Explorer to Outlook

By IT_Cowboy ·
I know you can highlight multiple messages in Explorer then drag and drop them onto an Outlook folder to move the messages into Outlook.

I want to be able to do this programmatically (for multiple folders and messages). I have tried a multitude of avenues only to achieve unacceptable results.

I feel the only way to do this is to emulate the drag/drop action from Explorer to Outlook via code (VB/VBA please).

Does anyone have any ideas on how this might be done?

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by IT_Cowboy In reply to Drag/drop msgs from Explo ...

I think some more background here is required. I have been pursuing an answer to this for over 12 months.
- CDO is not an option
- Third party apps are not an option

.FileCopy(Filename,DestFolder) is not acceptable as you are limited to what folders to copy the message to and the date of the copied message is the date of when the copy was performed and not the original receive date of the message.

The closest I have got is opening the message with ShellExecute API, trapping the Explorer window and getting access to the MailItem. Then copy the MailItem object to the required Outlook folder. This option was not satisfactory as I could not work out a way to hide the opened Outlook Explorer window (ShellExecute will only hide .exe files).

The only way I can think to do it is emulating whatever Windows does when you manually drag & drop from Explorer to Outlook.

Hope this gives some context for future answers.

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by DigiMesh In reply to Drag/drop msgs from Explo ...

Still working on the exact code of this one but you can automate the import routine in outlook using VB. Is this the kinda thing you are after doing?

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by IT_Cowboy In reply to

I'd be interested to see how you go but yes, this is what I want to do.

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by tcallagh In reply to Drag/drop msgs from Explo ...

What functions are being called when drag/drop is being activated. You may not beable to use VB/VBA without importing the libraries used to manage drag/drop within outlook. There is a routine there, you just need to watch what files are used, windows messages, registry reads, etc etc. I bet, in one of the outlook dll's, you will find the routine to accept drag/drop messages.

Sorry if not clear, it sounds good in my head.

Good luck!

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by IT_Cowboy In reply to

Yep, understand what you are saying and makes sense. I think this is where I need to be, however I have not really been able to go too far here. I downloaded a dll watching program but it doesnt seem to tell me much. Once I find the dll that handles the function, where do I find the doco on the dll so I can program it to do what I want? This sort of thing is a little out of my league and would rely heavily on someone doing the ground work for me.

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by fenaikh In reply to Drag/drop msgs from Explo ...

As you know outlook folders are special folders you can use Outlook Objects modles to access them.
There were 2 old articles in the accessadvisor magazine about these Objects modles.
MS site has what you want here
the full article is here and it has links.

Microsoft Outlook Objects

Working with Outlook Folders

Using Automation and VBScript

more info :

Outlook Object Model

good luck


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by IT_Cowboy In reply to

Sorry, this is remedial and I was here many many months ago. I do this stuff in my sleep.

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by tc1 In reply to Drag/drop msgs from Explo ...

Have you treid an Outlook add-in called Nelson Organizer. I think it can do this.

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by IT_Cowboy In reply to

I dont need a 3rd party app to do this, windows already does it! You have missed the point. I offered 6000 points in an attempt to find a solution to a problem I have been bashing around for over 12 months. If I wanted a 3rd party app, I would have searched the internet.

Understand that I am the sort of person that pursues something under my own steam until I find an answer (and I usually do). I dont just post something because I cant be bothered. I have spend literally weeks of my time trying different avenues to achieve this result and have managed to do it several ways but these methods are unacceptable to me (they are not clean enough).

And I thought offering 6000 points would generate quality responses. Oh well.

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by brian.clayton In reply to Drag/drop msgs from Explo ...

Not looking for any points here, but try contacting Sue at She is an authority on Outlook and should be able to point you in the right direction. What you are trying to do sounds like it should be simple, don't know why the powers that be make things so difficult...

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