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DSL times-out all users except one durin

By dyeager ·
This question is looking for your SDSL experience under the same scenario - points awarded for success or failure.

We have noticed disturbing behavior with the Netopia R7100c router on our SDSL 784k link from

When downloading a largefile from a high performance Internet site all other users have no Internet connection. We tested a second different request on the same pc, and with other pcs on different subnets. The Netopia does not forward the connection to the backup connection. Pinging to the immediate other side of the DSL link yields typical response time of 20 seconds to 1 minute, with occasional times exceeding 3 minutes.

This problem could create many irate Internet users and kill VPN connections.

(continued - read all, but reply here for points)

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DSL times-out all users except one durin

by Stillatit In reply to DSL times-out all users e ...

It may be that the Netopia just cannot handle the traffic. On the Netopia site there is an upgrade from the R7100 series from 12 user to unlimited user:

"Upgrade from 12 user to unlimited-user for model R7100
You can upgrade your 12-user Netopia R-series router model 7100 to support an unlimited number of users. This upgrade costs $299 and is available only online. To purchase the upgrade, enter your serial number: "

Are any/all of your stations running the optimization software that opens many sessions when you try a download? If so, this may be swamping both the Netopia and your Ethernet. If the downloader is throwing requests at the download site using 6 or 8 channels, other stations on your Ethernet may not be able to get a packet in edgewise.

If you have a packet monitor, I suggest using it, and watching who is doing what to who. (If you have SMS, or a copy of the SMS eval CD, there is a good packet monitor there which does not limit you to traffic to and from your own station. It does need to run on a server.)

Using Performance monitor, look for collisions on the Ethernet. If the Netopia is swamped you should see a bunch.

If you have or can borrow a faster router, try putting it in series with the Netopia:
--network------test router----netopia---DSL
and see if the behavior changes. If you can keep the router there, try turning off most of the features in the Netopia and turning on those features in the test router. (This might allow the Netopia torun a bit faster.)

Good luck.

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DSL times-out all users except one durin

by dyeager In reply to DSL times-out all users e ...

The netopia user (local ip address) limit does not affect speed (this paticular router is unlimited). The packet monitor sugestion is good, but not quite what I was looking for.

I assume you have seen optimization software for downloads that swamps a 784k or faster SDSL connection thus preventing other users from accessing the Internet. While not exactly what I was looking for, I will give you points.

I was looking for a test of the same senario with a R7100c. My DSL provider no longerprovides the same high speed connection, thus the situation is no longer testable by me, thus the question will be dropped after your reply to my followup question.

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DSL times-out all users except one durin

by dyeager In reply to DSL times-out all users e ...

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