Dual boot XP/Vista with a GRUB DILEMMA!! HELP!!!

By tomasymas ·
The Beginning:

I used to have a dual boot config with Fedora Core 6 and XP. Using Partition Magic, I formatted the FC6 partition to make some room for Vista Ultimate. After formatting the FC6 partition, GRUB remained as my boot loader. With a bit of research I fixed it with the fixboot, etc. commands running the XP CD repair option. GRUB was no more and XP booted up as it used to before FC6.

Enter Vista:

I installed Vista on a separate partition, but did not get the windows boot manager screen as I should have. Vista installed fine, but after rebooting GRUB came back. GRUB lists XP on the menu but I cannot use the up/down arrows to select it. I had to use the Pause key on the keyboard to look at the Grub screen because it boots up very quickly. I've tried editing Grub and even going into a command line but no keys affect it. After the GRUB screen, a few more lines appear and then Vista boots up.

I've tried EasyBCD but no luck. I also tried booting the Vista CD and repairing the boot manager by selecting the automated repair option but Vista sees nothing wrong with the way it boots. In the Vista system and start up menu, XP is not even listed nor is it in the msconfig boot tab OS options. Vista does not see XP (perhaps because it is hidden, but then how does GRUB see it.

The only way I have been successful at booting XP is by booting into the Partition Magic Rescue disks, unhiding the XP partition and setting the XP partition active. In doing so it causes drive letters to change. Not sure if that poses a problem after.


Am I S.O.L'ed??? I'm going to try EasyBCD once more. Not sure what else to do here....

1 disk
partition 1 = XP (hidden, primary)
partition 2 = Vista (set active, primary)
partition 3 = Programs (hidden, primary)
partition 4 = Files (logical)

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I don't want you to answer this but...

by Pofadda In reply to Dual boot XP/Vista with a ... your copy of Vista a bit... um... non-contractual??
After d'loading a pirate copy of Vista (gone now: it wasn't worth the money to bother to get a kosher copy) and running, somewhat later, into the re-appearance of my earlier GRUB menu. this was caused by a copying of menu.lst into the active partition and it being activated by the cracker's hidden copy of grldr, the GRUB4DOS app (See c or \Windows\Setup\Scripts).

If I could have been bothered this might have been a fun way to induce my Vista setup to multi-boot Linux. Win2K is back for my Windows-only stuff.

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