Dual ISP with Cisco 2801 and 5510

By rik ·

We have a cisco 2801 which we use to route our internet traffic and a ASA 5510 we use as a firewall with VPN. We have NAT set up on the 5510. We also have a backup cable internet line we can use if the primary line goes offline. Our ip range from the primary line is 213.x.x.x/27 and the ip address (only 1) of the secondary line is 84.x.x.x.

Would it be possible to route the internet traffic to the secondary line automatically when the primary line is offline? I would say that the NAT table should be changed and the default route also. But how??? Is this possible? Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.


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by rik In reply to Dual ISP with Cisco 2801 ...

PS: With 'internet traffic' I mean outgoing traffic. Not incoming traffic. That's a whole other story...

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Most people...

by -Q-240248 In reply to Dual ISP with Cisco 2801 ...

do this by having two (pretty much identical) routers, using HSRP or some other protocol to monitor each Internet Circuit's state, so when one goes down, it switches to the other. This also involves BGP. OK, so maybe I'm speaking Greek to you, but it would not be possible to do this on the ASA5510, or the 2801, or even both at the same time. You're stuck with manual reconfiguration, I'm afraid.

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by rik In reply to Dual ISP with Cisco 2801 ...

Hmm... Would VRRP (Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol) be an option? I don't know exactly how this works.

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Static route tracking

by vinhoang In reply to VRRP?

VRRP is similar to Cisco HSRP.
You can use static route tracking for dual ISP.

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