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I bought a Samsung 1080p HD smart TV a while back. I recently got both a HDMI-DVI and a HDMI-HDMI cable. My video card supports either two DVI inputs for dual monitors, and it also has a HDMI port. I tried the HDMI-DVI cable first, and it appears to be working fine, with one problem thats not really a PROBLEM, but kind of annoying.

When I drap a window over to my secondary monitor and click to make the window fullscreen, it seems that a portion of the upper an lower sections of the window get cut off (little over half of the window bar for dragging/minimizing/maximizing) and about the same on bottom as well. For example, I fullscreen a youtube video and can see the progress bar just fine, but the whole bar with the play button, resolution settings, and captions are cut off. I can click beneath the screen to guess where it is at, and if I click it, it still works.

So what am I to do? I tried lowering the resolution on the second monitor, but it seems to only SLIGHTLY fix the problem (cuts off still, only SLIGHTLY less).

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