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By stevejrjr999 ·
I have this stupid little problem that keeps coming up. THis fellow continues to mess with his computer so that his 3.5 drive doesnt work......He does this ..asks if I can fix it and if I cant he will fix it and make fun of me. What's up. Need some help.

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Make The Customer Pay

by GA-Pilot In reply to duh.

I have seen a fair number of the replys, Documantation and Management involvement is definately warranted as other have written already.

A new twist, is what we have at my company, Chargeback.. Since this person is into games that waste corporate assets, namely you, I expect he's pretty low on the food chain, and is not a manager, nor privey to budgets, etc.

If you cannot actually charge his unit, just tell the bloke your going to be submitting bills to his manager. You might enlist the help of a sympathetic manager in his mangement chain to confront this person with bills for the service calls...i.e., why so many, how does he use/operate his machine, etc..

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Can't always do that

by Steve S. In reply to Make The Customer Pay

We looked into this method at our company, it turned out it was illegal for us to do so.

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Curious why?

by GA-Pilot In reply to Can't always do that

Let me add a little detail, at my company, we're only 1 company with an internal chargeback scheme. We allocate hours to a projects that are sponsored by internal customers.

Even if there was a consulting relationship, I do not see how, a service event, could not be chargeable.

Under what circumstances, did you research this to be illegal?

I'm just curious why?

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by cjbaker In reply to duh.

If this fellow habbitually makes changes that
mess up the floppy drive, my suggestin is to
password protect his bios so he can't do it
any more. If he doesn't like it then tell him
not to call you with this petty little
problem any more.

Write down the pass word but don't tell him
what it is.

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The great floppy debate.

by fatherfox In reply to Password

I've seen some good ideas, but don't forget to document what was actually wrong with the drive, the fix, and the probable cause(s) of each incident. That will give you more weight as to what's going on than anything. always good to have stats at theready to prove out.

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teach him a lesson

by bionicdog In reply to duh.

this calls for one of those neat tricks to keep him from doing it again.
First of all you have to make sure that he is really messing with the hardware and waisting your time and once you clarify that then i suggest speaking to the network admin and have the network admin walk over to him and make up a story about how they have been seeing some computer hardware tampering activities coming from his computer on the network logs. that will stop him wherever he stands because he will get the feling that someone might be looking over whereas no-one gives a damn ha ha ha

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by patches In reply to duh.

You don't have a little problem, you have a big one. He likes you!! He is like a boy in the seventh grade. Is it you job to fix his problem on the computer? Try this have him fix your problem and your problem is harrassment. Ask him what he would do in your position? Then, ask your boss in front of him about the company policy of harrassment. But, dont call names at that time, tell your boss if it keeps up then you need to talk to him in details. What he is doing is against the law.

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by wpteh In reply to duh.

Situation :
1) That joker got **** lots of time on his hand.
2) That joker only knows how to use cheap tricks to tamper the floopy disk drive and actually thinks he is very good at it.
3) He probably plays more on the Floppy disk drive than usingit.
4) He likes to see that kind of 'defeated' face on you.

Solution : Play according to his plan and get 'defeated'.

Plug out and keep his Floppy Disk Drive and state that how come it is screwing up most of the time if nobody is tampering it. Use Window Explorer and share out a Floppy Disk drive to him that resides on a CPU next to him.

In this case...he lose his toy and you emerge the winner with an extra Floppy Disk drive as a prize.


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by chubert In reply to duh.
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Document & Deprioritize

by generalist In reply to duh.

1. Start with paper documentation of the number of times you fix the drive and the types of problems you encounter. Compare this to other computers in the company to prove that the person is creating the problems. Report this to management, especially accounting.

2. Use a mini-recorder to catch a sample of him making fun of you. Then write up a complaint that goes to HR.

3. 'Innocently' remove the drive from his PC so you can do a 'complete analysis' of the hardware. Don't return it for a few months because you are doing detailed testing. Then deprioritize the testing.

4. Check around to see if others have related 'one-upmanship' problems with this person. If you find them, get together and document his tricks. Each trick means that he is giving himself more 'rope' for the 'hanging'. Then, politely, have the group present the evidence to management.

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