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DVD drive thinks it a CD

By agodave ·
I've seen some talk on this subject but I would like to take this topic a bit further. I have two computers where the same problem started and I think it has to do with XP files or Registry and not the hardware.

System One - (XP SP2, 1 DVD-rom and 1 DVD-RW) Worked fine one day and the next when I insert a dvd the os changes the drive from dvd-rw to cd-drive. Now I can't read or burn any dvd's. I'm still working on this one. My burn software tells me I inserted a CD and not a DVD.

System 2 - (XP SP2, 2 DVD-RW drives) Again this system worked fine until one day both drives switched from DVD-RW to CD when I inserted a DVD drive. Tried MANY things but the problem did not go away. As with XP it was time to rebuild the system anyway so I reformated C and reloaded XP. Guess what the drives now work but still switch to CD when I insert the DVD. ??? My burn software here tells me it ok to burn a dvd and will do it.

I'm betting that this issue is deep inside the registry or bad driver file within the OS. I do not beleive it has anything to do with dirt ( I agree with some comments that dirt effects DVD before CDs ).

By the way I never cleaned or touched the two dvd drives in the system.

Ideas anyone? I would have to reformat system one since I just did system 2.

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Four virtual and two new DVD-RAM drives... just dissappeared

by Kieron Seymour-Howell In reply to DVD drive thinks it a CD

Ok, this is a new one for me. I have read all posts everywhere and many make no sense and some do make sense, but I have just had SIX drives disappear at once! Four are virtual ones. I checked the hardware, in case a bad drive board was the culprit, and nope, all good. The two drives are both SATA DVD drives in case you're wondering. Now, that last thing I did that involved adding or removing software, was install the latest version of iTunes 8 ... I have seen other posts linking this to iTunes, but many that do not mention it. There is no way Six drives can disappear at once on a HP Workstation, and it be anything other than software or OS related. I did the registry edits suggested by Microsoft. Adding to this annoyance, was that having that much hardware suddenly change, now my XP claims it must be reactivated as well."grrrrr"

I have kept this post very un-technical because it is mainly a rant .. LOL

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