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By DavidLPal1 ·
Since i am new to this i have a question. Is it possible to download DVD software into my computer and watch a DVD disk on my computer. I have CD-RW external burner(iomegaZipCD650) and the CD reader inside my computer. As i said i am new to this thanks for any info.

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Thanx Tom.....

by LordInfidel In reply to I must agree with LordInf ...

Even though I want to be nice at this point...

My evil black pit of a SysAdmin soul can't help but wonder if this qualifies for my
"Lookin for an Idiot" discussion.

The only thing that is stopping me is because the poster admitted that he knew nothing and was looking for edumacation.

Besides, my wife says I need to learn how to play nice with others. I'm trying, but I'm just not good at it.

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Remeber a drive has two values!

by Phillip Taylor In reply to I must agree with LordInf ...

dont let the thought that a 4x writer will not be compatable if you only got a 2x writer,because i got a 4x writer and an 6x reader (plus my dvd is 24x) so dont worry abot compatability. because even though you cant produce cds as fast as your mates, you can still read it coz you can read faster disks than your own burning speed. its easy to overlook this fact and assume they are all compatable.

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what are you guys talking about?

by qomputek In reply to Nope.....Go ahead and try ...

the speed that you burn a cd at has nothing to do with the speed you play it at. The burning speed has to do with how long you have to wait for it to finish burning. once its done, then you can play it on a 2x or 24x or 50x for all it matters the only diffrence will be the speed of the playback.

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by LordInfidel In reply to what are you guys talking ...

Don't ask me what I am doing here at midnight? But I saw this post and I have to be a little mean.

You can *_not_*, I repeat, Can *_not_* play a cd burned on a higher speed such as 12x on a 6x cd rom. It is, borrowing from tom, "Technically Impossible".

As far as playback, I suggest you read TomSals post. He put it very eloquently I thought the semantics of playback.

I can't beleive I am actually arguing this point.

The "burning speed" does not just dictate how long you have to wait until the cd is burned.

This is why it is called the write speed. It "writes" the data at a particular speed. Which is then read by another cd-rom at the speed the data was written at.

Whether or not the cd-rom can spit the information back via transfer/throughput rates is a whole other story.

Sorry dude, it's late, I'm in my NOC because idiots had to break a component on one of my servers that I could not fix from home, so I am a little testy.

Open mouth, insert foot, not a pretty picture and gives you bad breath.

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Ok, correct me where I'm wrong.

by qomputek In reply to What?What?What?....

A 650Mb cd is made up of 650 Million 1's and 0's represented as bumps(-) and groves(_). A close up of a CD would look something like this:

Only 650 Million of these can live on a CD. Now you take a single image, you burn one at 1x and the other at 12x. What you have is 2 identical CDs with the same bumps and groves in the same exact place. If this where different then the information would not be identical. So explain to me how would a 2x CD-ROM know the difference.

The only difference I see is that one took longer to burn then the other.

If I am wrong then please elaborate as to how these two cds can be different without compromising the data.

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Go to the manufacturers

by James R Linn In reply to Ok, correct me where I'm ...

They will tell you that any CDR written on one of their burners will work with any CDR.

The manufacturer I checked was HP.

The exception is that if you multi-session write a disk, some of the earlier burners will not be able to read it. But the solution to that is easy - write it all in one pass.


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Understanding the technology

by LordInfidel In reply to Ok, correct me where I'm ...

You have missed the point.

In your scenario, you in fact have 2 different albeit identical cd's.

Sounds like an oxymoron? Well it's not.

Even though the data is identical, technically the format of the cd is not.

Every cd has a TOC (table of contents) written to it. The TOC has some important information in it. Similar to the headers of an IP packet. One of things it says is it's min read speed.

Minimum read speed you say? What the **** is that.

Well it's really the writespeed that the cd was burned at. So if you burn a cd at 8x, you need a minimum of a 8x player to read it back.

If you burn it a 1x, then you need a minimum of a 1x player to read it back.

Now I know you are asking, why then does it take more time to burn at higher speeds then lower. That is the data transfer rate that the cd-r writer can handle.

Remember the faster you write to a cd just does not mean you are burning it faster, there are other repercussions. Data integrity can decrease at faster speeds (dreaded "buffer overrun")

Here's another question, you have 2 drives, one formatted ntfs the other fat16. You store the same file on both drives.

Are they the same or different?

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by tommad In reply to Ok, correct me where I'm ...

ANY cd burned on ANY speed cd-r device will be readable aon ANY speed cdrom drive. The speed of the palyback device will ONLY become noticeable if you are copying files from the device.....playback of video or audio will be at the same speed as thesource.

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The answer is No.

by qomputek In reply to DVD software

Plain and simple. Without all the techincal bla bla. You will need to purchase a DVD player for your computer and they usualy come with the software you need to view DVD movies.


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The whole ball of wax

by mrafrohead In reply to The answer is No.

You're gonna need a DVD player to access the VOB files on your DVD.

Legally, you can copy the files onto your hard drive if they are not copy protected... You're gonna need to read the disclaimer in the beginning of the DVD though to find out whether you legally have that right or not.

It's going to take between 5-9G to copy them onto your drive and then you will be able to view the DVD without having the actual disk in your drive.

This all was just to answer some of the questions/comments that were in the post earlier.

To answer your question, you won't be able to access the DVD-Rom without a DVD drive. Imagine playing a BETA tape in a VCR... Doesn't work.

Anywho, I hope this answers your question...

If you would likeany further help, please send me a note.

Also, my recommendation, STAY AWAY FROM THE CREATIVE DRIVE IF YOU ARE RUNNING WINDOZE 2000. Their drivers suck and don't work and they aren't going to make a working pair. You canuse the Hollywood+ Drivers from Sigma Designs, but if you are going to use their drivers, you may as well buy their product. Just a little advice from someone who already made this mistake...


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