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By DavidLPal1 ·
Since i am new to this i have a question. Is it possible to download DVD software into my computer and watch a DVD disk on my computer. I have CD-RW external burner(iomegaZipCD650) and the CD reader inside my computer. As i said i am new to this thanks for any info.

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by mrafrohead In reply to REad Speeds......

There's a difference in the media between a Writeable disk and a ReWritable disk... They are both burned in a mildly different fashion and the media itself is totally different. Unfortunately I can't get any more specific than this right now as I am at work and all of my documentation on this stuff is at home.

When I got my first Burner I was quite excited about it and read anything and everything I could about it and how it worked, hence the reason I know this much...

So basically, youneed a multi-read reader to be able to read your CD-RW disks. It has NOTHING to do with the speed burned. It's just that multi-read is kind of a newer technology, so your older readers won't be able to read it.

Think of it like this, inserting a burned CD-R into your Home Theater's DVD player. Unless the player specifically say plays Cd-R, they dont because they can't read it...

Any questions, let me know!!!

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Hate to Burst Everyones BuBBle>>&g

by radiic In reply to DVD software

I just received my TigerDirect Catalog in the mail a couple of days ago and was looking through it this morning. Appearantly with this new software package called MYDVD 3.0 all you need is a CD/RW to make a VCD that can be played on most home DVD players.

Now thats what the add says. Personally i would be very skeptical...

BTW....I was reading an article on zdnet about people hacking the new M$ xBox... Now thats good for the industry Cant wait till the first xBox game is ready for the home pc.


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Yes but ...

by qomputek In reply to Hate to Burst Everyones B ...

you still need a dvd player to read the dvd from.

A dvd will NOT play on a cd-rom, their is no arguing that.

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Be vewy careful

by James R Linn In reply to Hate to Burst Everyones B ...

I have a friend who is a bit of an audio/video nut. He records with a Tivo and writes some of them to TV. He has found that there are a number of VCD formats and compression rates, and not all players which say they are compatible are compatible with all of the formats. He uses test CDs to test drive the units in the store.

VCDs use a different format and heavy compression - they aren't as good to look at as DVDs.


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MYDVD 3.0 is different

by mrafrohead In reply to Hate to Burst Everyones B ...

VCD is different - it's just a format that's being burned. You can use NERO for that...

AND YOU HAVE TO MAKE SURE THAT YOUR DVD PLAYER WILL SUPPORT CD-R DISKS. If it doesn't, as MOST don't - you're gonna be freakin PISSED because you spent themoney on that program and you can't watch it on your DVD player.

Also, you're going to lose quality from your DVD to the CD as your compression is so extreme.

If you are going to be compressing something that small, I personally recommend justusing DivX, making it yourself and watching it on your computer where you can squeeze a little bit more of your resolution out of the monitor than on your TV screen. And also enjoy the higher quality compression that DivX has to offer.

Remember, the difference between CD and DVD is the Media that you are using. They are two totally different things.


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Hopefully my last two cents

by mrafrohead In reply to MYDVD 3.0 is different

One last thing. We've strayed off of the topic here.

It was can you read a DVD on a CD drive. The answer is no.

We are now turning more into a compression topic... If you would like some kind of help on the compression part of things, ie... making a dvd play on a regular CD-r, you're going to have to change the file format of the DVD and then burn it onto your CD-r after you compress it.

For directions on how to do this, if you're curious, let me know. Keep in mind though, you need to make sure that you aren't working with copyrighted materials as that will get you a nice long stay in prison and your new best friend will be the soap that is attached to your body by a piece of roap to prevent it from falling onto the ground... If you catch my drift.

Anywho, I hope that this helps and answers any kind of questions that anyone may have or have had...


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I concur

by dean_magnusson In reply to DVD software

Pay attention, cd's burned at higher speeds can not be read by slower ROM's.

DVD's can't be read by CD ROM's.

DVD players need to have the capability to read multiplatform burned discs.

Do some research and read all the posts. You willget a good idea of what's happening to answer your query.

Dean Magnusson

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Not possible

by dmurray In reply to DVD software

You need a Dvd reader, with this cheap device, you can see Dvd's in your PC, by software that replace the functionality of expensive mpeg-2 decode cards in full multimedia kits

With cd-* reader you can't read dvd's (they're 2.6 GB per layer normally, i.e. 4 cd-rom's in the same physic space)

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